About TPA Software
A brief autobiography by Kevin Provance

The Short Version

TPA Software was officially launched in December of 1996 selling copies of the original "AutoDialer" for a mere $5.00.  AOL had just launched it's "unlimited" service which resulted in busy signals for millions of users attempting to log onto the service at the same time.  Back then the AOL software, just into it's 3.0 version would only attempt to dial into the service twice and then give up.  AutoDialer bypassed this process and would force the software to dial repeatedly until connected and then keep you connected by automatically answering the "do you wish to remain on line" messages.  It took AOL nearly a year to address this shortcoming by adding additional hardware to their network.  Within this year AutoDialer was the one-stop solution that potentially kept thousands of users from leaving the AOL service due to the constant busy signals and repeated logoff attempts.

By the end of 1997 AutoDialer had outlived it usefulness, but a little program called WavMan that held cult status among chat room wavers had gained serious attention and consequently became our flagship program. 

By the turn of the millennium TPA Software had become one of the most popular developers of add-ons for AOL with WavMan and Fade-It becoming staple chat room utilities.

Today we have become the last remaining developer to professionally offer such programs, having outlived the competition in an ever changing and challenging environment.  I believe the success of TPA Software is attributed in great part to the loyalty of users of our software.  I am happy to repay this loyalty by continuing to develop, maintain and support our software as it exists today.

The Final Four

When v1.0 of this site went active, I had a considerable group of volunteers who donated their time to help out other users of our software.  They've all come and gone (and in some cases, passed away) over the years, but the original four of us - all blood related - who started out together in the beginning still remain.  There is of course me, Kevin Provance.  I write the programs, do the coding, maintain this web site and answer most of the more technical emails.  E.J. Provance (my mum for those who don't know) handles all of the paper registrations, lost number look ups and for all intents and purposes the administration tasks that would keep me away from my own work.  Tad J. Ingram, everyone's favourite support boy, does most of the support email (and by job description, most of the abuse) and is my general partner in crime off the clock.  Finally there is Ned, who although part of the immediate family wishes to remain anonymous for the most part.  He handles most of the credit card processing and all the headaches associated with that process.


tpasoft.com is hosted by BlueHost.  Unlimited space, transfer and domains for $6.95 a month.  Can't go wrong there.  Having been with my previous host for nearly a decade, I grilled these folks pretty hard before making the switch.  To say one gets their money's worth is an understatement.  If you want a reliable host with more features than you would ever know what to do with, give 'em a shout.

The font used in the header graphic is called WebLetterer and is free to download from blambot.com.  The guy has some really cool fonts, free and otherwise.

The news delivery system on the index page of this site is handled by the now defunct NewsPro.  It's been superseded by Coranto, although I have yet to upgrade, because if it ain't broke...

The v3.0 design of this site is loosely based on a template I downloaded last year from some template site or another.  I have yet been able to locate the original author to give due credit, but I've changed so much of it since them, it's more or less mostly my own design now.  All the CGI and PERL (yes, I'm old school like that...I have yet to learn PHP) on this site that drives content (like the support forms) is mine and is jealously guarded.

And yes, blue is my favourite colour...if you have not already figured that out.  :-)