Beta Central

Beta testing is the process of taking software which is nearing its final release, and giving it to a larger group of users to test. While the testing done internally is intense, beta testing exposes the software to a much wider range of users and environments as a larger number of people are using it simultaneously.

Beta testing requires using the software regularly and reporting every problem, quirk, bug, crash and anomaly. Please bear in mind that there is no such thing as bug free software. Every application on the market today has some bugs (some more than others), but thanks to beta testers like yourselves, they are kept to a minimum.

There are no requirements for beta testing (with the exception of the software  requirements above), but it should be noted that beta testing is not for the inexperienced.  Generally, this beta test has experienced users in mind, although anyone is free to join in.  If you are uncomfortable with beta testing or feel that you would like to wait for the final versions, there is no obligation to download and try any of our Beta programs until the final version is available!

Bug reports and support

Officially these beta versions are unsupported, which means if you find something wrong with it, we can't guarantee a fix or a solution right away, and in many cases not even till the next revision.  If you encounter any bugs while beta testing any of our programs, please be sure to send your reports to via the Beta Bug Report Page as soon as possible so that the issue may be investigated and fixed!  :)

Please keep in mind that sending us a bug report with beta versions does not guarantee a reply.  We *do* read and investigate every report but may not always reply to it.  Your reports do not go unheard!