Buddy Plus 3.x

Primary Features & Screenshots

Enhanced Buddy List Interface
Buddy Plus rebuilds your Buddy List from the ground up with a new cleaner, more smooth and less cluttered interface.  Assign your buddies icons and nicknames.

Colorful visual alerts tell you when buddies have signed on and off.

With this new interface, you can even choose the type of font you would like the display your Buddy List window in!  :)

Popup Buddy Notification
Tired of guessing who signed off or on when you hear the buddy in/out sounds because another window is covering your buddy list? Buddy Plus will display a "popup" window each time a buddy signs on or off with a visual flashing color (blue for sign on, red for sign off). From this small popup window, you can either Locate or IM buddies who have just signed on, or E-Mail buddies who have just signed off!

Buddy Log
The Buddy Plus logging feature will log the activity of your buddy list for as long as you are signed on. it will log what buddies are online when you first sign on and then keep track of everyone who signs on and off thereafter. The built in Buddy Log viewer uses a List view style display to organize the buddy log information, using unique icons for "sign ons", "sign offs", and "already onlines". Other information includes buddies screen name and time on/off. Buddy Plus will even log when *you* sign on and off!

Buddy Notes
With Buddy Notes, you can add/edit notes for any given buddy on your buddy list.  These notes will be displayed via a popup tool tip at the bottom of your Buddy List each time the buddy is selected.

Buddy Plus has a wide array of options so that you may customize the program to meet your needs and preferences.  You can even customize the color of the buttons and window in the Buddy Plus program!

Custom Buddy Wavs
With Buddy Plus, you can assign different wavs to different buddies, or use the stock AOL buddy sounds. The choice is entirely yours!  With the Custom Buddy Wav Editor, adding buddies and assign wavs is all point and click!

Menu Access
Buddy Plus has no toolbar or primary interface to clutter up your screen. A simple menu item in the AOL menu bar or icon on the Windows system tray is where Buddy Plus resides, easily accessible and out of your way!

Dismiss Buddy Chat Invites
Of course, we would not have written a Buddy Lists™ Add On without the ability to dismiss those unwanted and unsolicited "Buddy Chat Invites" that spammers will launch at you while in the chat rooms! The feature can be toggled on and off!

Live Update Notification
We do update our software often. With the Buddy Plus Live Update Notification technology, you can be notified of these updates. It will poll this website and check for updates.  If it finds one, it will notify you as such! :)

The list above gives you an idea of Buddy Plus's PRIMARY features! You'll just have to explore this feature packed product to fully appreciate it!