Fade-It for AOL

TPA Software's Golden Master Add On for America Online. A cool tool to spice up your AOL chat!

Fade-It will add a little color and style to your life!  Okay, well maybe not your life, but it certainly will add some much needed flair to your AOL chat!

The AOL chat rooms allow for color and styles (Bold, Italic, etc.) and Fade-it will take it to the next level.

Instead of one solid color, you can fade your chat text in a gradient style between up to *ten* different colors! :)

Go farther by adding bold, italic, underline, or even wavy style to your chat text!

No big, clunky, confusing interfaces here folks.  Just one simple panel at the bottom of the AOL window!

Make and save your own Fade Schemes!  You can even add "tag" information to your fades to leave you own "mark".  A TPA Software original!

Fade-It is a spin off feature from our WavMan program.  If you are looking for a simple fader to spice up your AOL chat, then this program is for you.  If you are looking for a robust, feature packed AOL add-on, we suggest giving our WavMan program a look.  :)

Fade-It is shareware.  You may evaluate the program free for up to 30 days before registration is necessary.  After 30 days, a registration number is required to operate the program past the startup screen.  For more information on pricing and how to register, please visit the Pricing and Registration Information area.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fade-It

I recently purchased a new computer with (or upgraded to) Windows Vista and Fade-It no longer loads/works.  Is it compatible with Windows Vista?

The 2.x version of Fade-It is.  If you are seeing messages about incorrect operating system or unsupported version of AOL, you might still be using the sunset version of Fade-It 1.x.

I already registered Fade-It 1.x.  Is Fade-It 2.x a free upgrade?

Sorry, it is not.  Fade-It 2.x is simply not a major upgrade of Fade-It 1.x in it's current form.  Instead it was rewritten from the ground up with a new interface, new features and new code designed specifically to work with Windows Vista.  It is in fact a brand new program with the Fade-It name.  Into this went a considerable amount of time and resources.  The only way we could continue to offer you free updates within the same major version, support and any new efforts in general is to ask for your continued support into this new version of Fade-It.