Primary Features & Screenshots

Ten Color Chat Room Fader
Tired of seeing black text or text of one color in the AOL chat rooms?  We can fix that in a big hurry!  Fade-It allows you to "fade" your text between two to ten different colors of your choice!  Colors and styles are selected from the Fade-It Active Toolbar

Never again will you have to be stuck with one dull chat room color!

Fade-It automatically grabs the text you type into the chat room and processes the "fade" automatically.  All you have to do is type in your text and hit "Enter" or click "Send", whichever you prefer.

Text Styles including Wavy Chat
We also take you one step further and give you bold, italic, underlined, even wavy style chat with Fade-It. The combinations of styles and colors are endless!

Multiline Chat Extender
Never again will you have to be limited by AOL's 92 character limit on the chat rooms!  The multi-line chat extender breaks that barrier and allows to keep on typing...even after you have reached 92 characters!  It will capture your text from the chat room edit box and place it inside another window while you type.  the transition is seamless.  You won't even know it happened until you go to send your text!  You text will also be "burst" into the room slow enough as not to log you offline!

Chat Room Keyword Invoke
Now, invoke AOL keyword and websites without leaving the chat room edit box!  A simple forward slash plus the keyword or website you want to invoke is all it takes (i.e. /help) would take you directly to AOL Help!

E-Fade will allow you to add the same fade enhancements used in the AOL chat rooms to AOL E-Mail!

Fade Tags
Add personalized information to fade schemes you create, including Fade Title, Author name, and comments.  Your computer will automatically add the time stamp.

Live Update Notification
We do update our software often.  With Fade-It's Live Update Notification technology, you can be notified of these updates with one click!  To further facilitate this function, Fade-It will now download and install the update for you.  The entire process is seamless!

The list above gives you an idea of Fade-It's PRIMARY features! You'll just have to explore this feature packed product to fully appreciate it!