These instructions assume you have already downloaded the setup file for Fade-It and have located it through Windows Explorer.

  1. With the Fade-It setup file tpa_fi21.exe located, double-click it to begin the installation.

  2. You will be welcomed by the setup program and recommended to that no other instances of Fade-It be running before continuing.  This is absolutely necessary.  If you have another copy of Fade-It currently running, please use ALT+TAB to switch to it and exit it before continuing.  Click Next

  3. Setup will now display the License Agreement.  Please read it thoroughly.  If you agree, click I accept the agreement and then click Next, if not, click Cancel.

  4. Select Destination Directory: The default folder location for Fade-It's installation is C:\Program Files\Fade It 2. We HIGHLY recommend keeping this setting as is.  Click Next.

  5. Select Additional Tasks: If you would like setup to create a desktop icon for Fade-It, select the appropriate check box.  Additionally if you would like to add a Fade-It icon to your Quick Launch bar then select the appropriate check box.  Click Next.

  6. You will now be prompted the setup is ready to install Fade-It onto your computer!  Click Install.

  7. Sit back and wait while setup installs Fade-It.  When it has finished you will be prompted that setup has finished installing.  Click Finish.

You will more than likely be prompted to restart your computer.  If prompted to do so, then do *not* skip this step.  It is very important in the case of replaced runtime files.  To skip this step could potentially cause system errors causing you to restart anyway!  So, if prompted to restart the computer, click OK.

Once your have restarted your computer, Fade-It will need to be started. You can do this before or after starting AOL.  Fade-It will *not* automatically start with AOL. If you start Fade-It before starting AOL, it will start AOL for you! :)

To start Fade-It, do the following:
Start in the taskbar, select All Programs, select TPA Software, select Fade-It 2 and then click on the Fade-It icon.