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Icons by Dark Project Studios [html/header.htm]


  More Icons for Buddy Plus!

Downloading Instructions:
1.  Click the link of the icon pack you would like to download.
2.  Select "Save As..." or "Save Target As...." (depending on your web browser).
3.  Download these files to your AOL download folder if you so choose.
4.  Once the file has finished downloading, launch the file through Windows Explorer and follow the on screen instructions.  :)


These icons were developed by Greg Fleming of Dark Project Studios.  They have been licensed to TPA Software for use with Buddy Plus.  Although free, use of these icons in and for any other project is prohibited by the author.  Please contact Dark Project Studios directly if you wish to use them for any other purpose.

The installers for these icons were created by TPA Software and approved by Dark Project Studios specifically for installing the icons into the Buddy Plus program.  This was done so that all you have to do is download and launch the file.  The installer will do the rest.  :)


  Mini-Robots Icon Pack!

Small World

Mega Pack 1

Mega Pack 2


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