IMs Plus

Primary Features & Screenshots

Enhanced IM Window
Finally, a program to enhance your AOL Instant Messaging by organizing all your open Instant Messages into one feature packed window!  Never again search your AOL desktop for IMs hiding under IMs.   With IMs Plus its all point and click!  Other enhancements include one click E-Mailing, Logging, AutoAnswering with customizable outgoing messages...and much, much more!

IM Logging
IMs Plus will log all your IM conversations.  The Log Manager sorts by screen name *and* date for easy access and management!

Enhanced Ignore Option
Place troublesome members on two levels of ignore.  Temporary ignore, for the session only, or permanent ignore!

Wavs in IMs
IMs Plus includes the option to hear wavs in IMs, just like they do in the chat rooms!

{S cool!}

Live Update Notification
We do update our software often.  With IM Plus' Live Update Notification technology, you can be notified of these updates with one click!  To further facilitate this function, IMs Plus will now download and install the update for you.  The entire process is seamless!

The list above gives you an idea of IM Plus' PRIMARY features! You'll just have to explore this feature packed product to fully appreciate it!