Some of my favourite web sites
by Kevin Provance

The Internet - when used correctly -  can be a vast wealth of invaluable information.  Below are links to other web sites that I visit on a regular basis and/or sites that I highly recommend with a brief description of why.  Sites that I read daily are indicated with a red bullet.

CERT Coordination Center
If you are a webmaster, then this site should be one of your daily surfing stops.

Drudge Report
Love him or hate him, Matt Drudge breaks zero hour news over a wide spectrum of topics ranging from politics to the downright strange.

The Smoking Gun
The Smoking Gun brings you exclusive documents--cool, confidential, quirky--that can't be found elsewhere on the Web.

The Digital Bits
Bill Hunt and Co. celebrating film in the digital age and covering all things DVD, Hi-Def, Blu-Ray, etc. since 1997.

Classic Visual Basic
Hosted by my programming mentor and colleague Karl E. Peterson.  If you're a Classic VB programmer then you should have this site at the top of your bookmarks list.  Period.

My favorite comic strip in print.  It rates right up there with Bloom County.

Stephen King
My favorite author.  I am an admitted Dark Tower junkie, and proud of it!

Mind Hunter
This is one of my all time favorite authors.  His writings have made criminal profiling one of my favorite hobbies.  John Douglas covers just about everything you could want to know about the FBI's Serial Crime Fighting Unit.

Another great source for breaking technical news and the latest in beta software.

DeLorean Motor Company
Many want to know where I purchased my DeLorean.  Now you know.

The Old New Thing
Raymond Chen writes one of today's most influential technology blogs. A programmer at Microsoft Corporation, Chen has been involved in the evolution of Windows for more than a decade.  Total geek blog.  ;-)

Garden of Angels
I caught this site of an episode of "The System".  The woman who runs this organization should be commended for the work she has done for those babies who have been "thrown away."  A worthy cause and a worthy site.

If you grew up in the 80's, like me, then you'll understand when I say that nothing will ever come close to the awesomeness of the Atari 2600.  I own two in case something happens to my first one.  :)

DSL Reports
Everything and anything one would need for broadband access to the Internet.  Got a question, review, recommendation, complaint about your ISP?  This is the place to go!

The destination for fans of science fiction, fantasy, horror and anime entertainment.

Jay's Wav Mailing List
Want more of those crazy wav files?  This is the place to go!

TAG Designs
For all your custom T-Shirt, mouse pad, coffee cup, logo, etc designs.  They can put a logo on just about anything!

Desaware, Inc.
I have been a customer of this company since I started developing programs in the 32 bits and they have me for life! If you are a developer, I strongly encourage you to visit here.  Dan Appleman's tools are second to none, the information and technical articles are some of the best written plus the service is fast and efficient. WavMan use Desaware components (SpyWorks specifically) and they work flawlessly! Free demos of Desaware components are available for download from their page!

Web Pages That Suck
Need we say more? Vincent Flanders and Michael Willis demonstrate good web page design by showing you bad web page design.  If you have the cash (and its not that expensive), check out their book by the same name.

The Internet Movie Database - the biggest, best, most award winning movie and TV site on the planet!