November 2004

  Program Updates Now Available for AOL 9.0 Security Edition
  Monday, November 22, 2004 @ 7:22PM EST by:  Kevin
TPA Software's entire catalog of AOL Add On programs have been updated with added compatibility for AOL's new "AOL 9.0 Security Edition" software. The files have been posted and are ready for download. Navigate your way to the TPA Software Updates Area and select the link for the program you wish to download and install.

Because of the expected traffic for these updates, you may experience possible slower access and download times. If this should happen then please try back at a later time when the "rush" has slowed down.


Kevin Provance

  AOL Releases New Version of 9.0
  Friday, November 19, 2004 @ 9:30AM EST by:  Kevin
If you have not already seen the huge advertisement on the Welcome window, AOL has released a new version of AOL 9.0. It is being referred to as "AOL 9.0 Security Edition", or AOL 9.2. Here is the quick scoop: Most of our programs will start with this new version, but some features will not work as they should, most noticeably with WavMan. I am aware of the problems and will be issuing updates to all affected programs over the weekend, so please keep an eye on this "Site News" section for information about updates for the program(s) you are using.

As always, I'd ask that support request forms notifying me of this new version of AOL and incompatibility with our programs not be submitted. Obviously I already know what's going on and redundant mail about it only slows the works down. So thank you in advance for this consideration. I am donating all my free time to having this up and running by the end of the weekend. :)

Also, please be aware that AOL 9.0 Security Edition has some major issues that AOL did not address prior to it's release. There have been widespread reports about problems even starting this version of AOL after it's initial install that cause problem with AOL itself. I know this because I am one of those people who have been affected by it. Apparently (and this is not 100& confirmed yet) even though AOL says this version can be installed with other version of AOL retained on the system, there seem to be a bunch of conflicts caused by having multiple versions of AOL 9.0 on the same system. I personally am experiencing this problem as my copy of AOL 9.0 Security Edition refuses to acknowledge that I am connected even though I am. This is interfering with basic web browsing functions. The only solution I have been given by people from the AOL Beta test area is to uninstall all other versions of AOL 9.0 and reinstall the Security Edition fresh, which for development purposes I am unable to do.

So, if you experience problems similar with AOL 9.0 Security Edition, be aware that it was an issue overlooked by AOL. If I find a reliable workaround that works without major uninstallation of previous versions, I will gladly share. :)

Thanks for the patience versions should be forthcoming in the next few days.

Kevin Provance