November 2009

  WavMan Professional 1.0.35 now available!
  Monday, November 23, 2009 @ 8:40PM EST by:  Kevin
This update for WavMan contained Windows 7 compatibility and a brand new feature: Moderator's Tools!

To read more about Moderator's Tools and how the feature works, please be sure to read the Moderator's Tools help page. If you should discover any bugs or inconsistencies in this new feature, please be sure to file a proper bug report via the WavMan Support page...and please, be sure to indicate the specific steps taken under the appropriate section. That is *critical* information! Merely saying "it don't work" or "I turned it on" ain't gonna cut it! ;-)

Pertaining to Windows 7, I did not find much - so far - that needed fixing. I tweaked the way WavMan reads and writes data files (reading the source data from "All Users" and saving it to whichever Windows account you are using). This should solve the issue over attempting to move the original data files to the per user location at start up. If you encounter issues specific to the Windows 7 operating system, please use the same method in reporting them as outlined in the last paragraph.

So, if you're ready, head on over the the WavMan Professional Download page and grab your copy now!

  New program: AOL Chat Fix
  Sunday, November 22, 2009 @ 5:19PM EST by:  Kevin
This is a simple utility to fix the AOL Client so that it no longer displays the AIM Chat interface when using Keyword: FIND A CHAT.

If you are one of those people who are helplessly lost with the new AIM Chat interface and want Classic Chat back without having to navigate through a number of cumbersome steps to do so, then this application is for you.

Plus, it's %100 free.

Visit the AOL Chat Fix Home Page for more information.

  Windows 7 compatibility
  Sunday, November 15, 2009 @ 11:13PM EST by:  Kevin
As of this writing, I have finally acquired a copy of Windows 7. Please be patient with me as I begin the process of compatibility. It could take several days, or it could take several months, I just do not know.

As each program offered becomes available for Windows 7, it will be posted here first. So keep your eyes open.

Lastly, to those folks who hold onto WavMan 11.x because they "don't want to pay again," it's time to put up or go away. WavMan 11 will soon be discontinued and unavailable for download. WavMan Pro will be the only version available very soon. There will also be no more registration number look up for WavMan 11. Just FYI.