March 2010

  Delay in processing
  Sunday, March 28, 2010 @ 9:14PM EDT by:  Kevin
For our customers who have submitted credit card orders recently, there will be a slight delay as I am in the process of switching merchant banks (I got a better deal). I was told my them once I fax my necessary paperwork to them Monday, it should take at least 1-2 business days to have the new system in place. So those waiting, you have two options.

1) Wait till Tuesday or possibly Wednesday at which time I will run all waiting orders. PLEASE do not send mail that is not a preformed order to that address, or FWD mail to it, or send ANY mail to it. It will be deleted or counted as a second orders. So for those of you who continue to do so, please, STOP. Thanks! :)

2) I will send you my PayPal alternative. It's a link that will take you to the page in which you would make you payment. To do this, you *must* send me that request from your master screen name. That would be the name at the top of the list on the sign on window. If you use any other screen name, your number won't work. I will then send back instruction.

After the new merchant account is up and running, things will go back to normal. I will post a news story to let you know when this is happened.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

- Kevin Provance

  Welcome to TPA Software v3
  Saturday, March 20, 2010 @ 10:35PM EDT by:  Kevin
After a decade of the same site design, I felt it was time for a change. Here is that change! I started it in late 2008 and worked on it a little bit at a time, here and there.

Now, before you deluge me with emails wondering about the status of removed items, here is a low down of changes you might notice:

1) WavMan 11 has finally, and needed to be sunset. It is no longer available. Please don't ask me to send it to you, because company policy prohibits TPA staff sending files through email. WavMan 11, also a decade old has run its course and had a lifetime over three times longer than any software normally enjoys. Most software lives to be three, maybe four years old and is replaced by a newer version. The only WavMan available and supported is WavMan Professional.

2) Same goes for Fade-It 1.x

3) WallPaper for AOL has also been sunset, but has been replaced with the revamped DesktopFade. In the next version of WavMan, the auto-start option for DesktopFade will be enabled.

4) AdBuster has been sunset. Since AOL has moved away from FDO content and towards web based content, it's all but irrelevant now.

Now, here is what is coming over the next year, provided I can afford to keep the site running past June (not enough money right now to do so).

1) I know I said Buddy Plus was finished, but there has been enough demand to change my mind. There will be a Buddy Plus 3.x. It will be somewhat different than the previous versions and will also be 5 dollars cheaper ($15.00 to $10.00).

2) Terminator might be revamped to emphasize on the auto-closing of annoying windows via the SmartKill feature, and will receive the one useful feature of AdBuster. Naturally, it will still serve as an anti-logoff tool, but will be "terminating" more annoyances that AOL has thrown our way (AOL Search window, anyone?)

3) I'm not sure what I'm doing with IMs Plus yet. There is n demand for it. If you are that one is a thousand person who is waiting for IMs Plus to be updated, say so now.

4) Look for some new programs that are not AOL based, but would serve a good purpose with other tasks one may do with their computer. Keep an eye on our Beta Central area for information as it becomes available.

Finally, the new site may have some growing pains. Please be patient as I iron them all out over the next few weeks. If you spot one, please feel free to let me know!

C. Kevin Provance

  New program available: DesktopFade
  Sunday, March 14, 2010 @ 8:58PM EDT by:  Kevin
DesktopFade (formerly Wallpaper for AOL) is now available. We've taken the older WallPaper program, redesign it, added new features - including compatibility for AOL 9.0 to 9.5, Windows Vista and Windows 7 - and gave it the TPA touch. Fade the AOL desktop in a variety of colors, styles and animation. The DesktopData feature lets you print any text to any corner of the AOL desktop, including preset variable to display and number of system variables or information.

Take this new app for a test drive: