March 2011

  NEW POLL: I would sincerely appreciate your feedback!
  Sunday, March 13, 2011 @ 9:38PM EDT by:  Kevin
The new poll (which used to be a weekly thing) now offers questions that determine the course of what's to come with all things TPA Software. I need to find ways to keep this site going, both monetarily and in terms of new content. Since - through experience - no one wants to make a donation, I thought I would redesign as a social network. Not as fancy as Facebook (but you could use FB to logon with) but something where each user would have their onw page, friends, content system, and more ideas as I design this thing. So the poll this week reflects how you would feel about such an idea. The truth is, AOL chat rooms could go away at any time, as this would be a great way to keep the waver community alive and well. New features could be added upon user request. It would start off free and I would do my best to keep it free. Perhaps I could try asking for donations again, or offer advertisements (I hate doing it, but the site does not pay for itself, and FB's Zuckerberg discovered) or even offer some extended "premium" feature. I don't know. For now I would like your feedback while I design this thing and if it looks like a good idea, get it off the ground and working. At that point I would put out a call for beta testers, to test the new site, fix it up and then make it live.

So? What do you think? Take the poll and let me know.

A few more facts to help you decide:

* You could use any name you want, it does *not* have to be your screen name. Conversely, you could use your screen name and I could add a feature to display any name you wanted, instead of just the screen name.

*All information you enter is completely secure. It would be stored in a mySQL database that no one can get to through my website. Heck, I own the site and I can't even get to it, and if I could, it would be encrypted. So, that make me feel better anyway.

*Like other social networks, you get a page to post to, share with friends. You can upload a photo or some other image for your avatar. Maybe down the line a FB like chat system could be implimented.

The possibilities are endless. But let's get there first.

Tell me what you think via the poll, or if you have more to say, shoot me an email. PLEASE, no support issues. If you use that email address for anything else other than this topic, then it will be returned unopened! :P

Seriously though, please respect this use of the address for what it's for.


Kevin Provance