May 2007

  WavMan Pro Spoilers
  Monday, May 21, 2007 @ 5:37PM EDT by:  Kevin
I thought maybe you folks would like to see a sneak peek at one or two of the new WavMan interfaces in the works. Enjoy.

WavMan Pro Toolbar

WavMan Pro WavList

  May 2007 Update
  Monday, May 14, 2007 @ 7:02PM EDT by:  Kevin
I thought I would chime in here since I have not posted anything recently and keep everyone apprised of the progress being made...and believe me, there has been progress. :)

I've been putting in some 12+ hour days into the Windows Vista version of WavMan which has more or less been a rewrite of just about everything that makes the program what it is. I would venture to say I've passed the halfway point. If you're saying to yourself, "just over halfway, that's it?" the good news is that the more that I get done, the faster the work goes, especially since I have a good handle on what I am doing now as far as Windows Vista goes.

The new interface for WavMan is just about done...and if I do say so myself it's pretty slick, especially when run under Windows Vista. The "framework" for Windows Vista is complete and in a few days from this posting I'll start doing the fun part...debugging all the new code with Vista. Anything that would be considered a "big problem" will come out during that time and everything else will be a piece of cake.

Now, for those who are going to participate in the beta test when it becomes available, updates will be coming fast and furious. If all goes as planned, there will be "nightly builds" which means that after I've completed work for that day, there will be a new release which addresses and bugs reported and implementation of new features as they become suggested and available. I've chosen to go this route because I believe the work will go much quicker and the result will be a shorter testing period, allowing us to go to the final product that much faster. Bugs will be addressed faster as will the new features in the works. The trade off of course will mean having to update frequently. However, with the new update process I've got planned, it will be a matter of WavMan updating itself in one process as opposed to having to download a file, install it, restart, etc. All you'll have to really do is acknowledge the new update and WavMan will do the rest.

I've also decided in the interest of getting the new WavMan out to you faster that all the new features I've been working on will not come out all at once. They will be added and refined during the beta testing process as opposed to waiting for a longer period of time while I get the new code working. So, when the best testing begins, you'll see the new interface, the new toolbar and lots of little changes but not a lot of new features at first. Don't let that get you down or think that there isn't much new to play with right away...I'm doing that way on purpose so that I can get the Windows Vista compatible version out faster. Make no bones about it, just because you don't see all the new stuff right away does not mean it isn't there, or coming.

I appreciate all the patience and support you folks have shown me over the last few months. By allowing me to take my time and do the work at my own pace, you'll see a much more robust program and the payoff will have made it worth the wait.

In the next few weeks I'll be putting together the information for the beta test and a list of new features that will be available and those that are coming soon. As always, I am *always* taking suggestions and requests for features. If you have one, please feel free to send it to me and I'll see what I can do about making it a reality.

Finally, if you have not heard by now a competitor of mine has decided to close their doors permanently. The question has been posed to me several times over if I am going to do the same thing. The answer is no...I have no plans to "close my doors" at this time. It was posted by this competing entity that there was not enough money to be made for them to continue justifying their work. Sadly there is some truth to this as the "market" for AOL add on programs has changed significantly in the last few years. It's been suggested that AOL is "dying" and there isn't any point in investing so much work into something that barely makes a profit. This may be true as well. I never started TPA Software or WavMan to be solely about making a buck as some have suggested. I continue to do this work because I enjoy it and I feel I have a sense of loyalty to everyone who has supported WavMan over the years. It's been a hobby that supported itself. If it were about only making a buck then yes, I suppose I would have stopped working on WavMan and everything else a long time ago. But as long as WavMan generates enough income to support itself (our web site uses a considerable amount of bandwidth, and that is far from I have bills to pay like everyone else) and as long as AOL continues to support their software so that WavMan is compatible with it then I'm sticking around for as long as I can.

Plus, I can't abandon my fellow just wouldn't be right. :)

Check back frequently...I should have something new for you to download and play with in the very near future!