May 2008

  TPA State Of The Union
  Saturday, May 17, 2008 @ 12:29AM EDT by:  Kevin
It's been awhile since I've posted here and with the usual round of questions like "Did you quit?" and "Are updates available for Vista SP1" coming at me from all directions, I felt it was time to catch everyone up.

When the WavMan Pro beta was stable enough for widespread testing, I embarked on a new project which will eventually phase this one out as I've decided I cannot put up with the amount of anger and perceived anger I get from what seems to be *you* folks on a daily basis. Just because one registers a program from me, which is to say "Licensed" and *not* "sold" does not mean I am to be a punching bag when things go wrong. I'm not even going to go into details, but sufficed to say the abuse I am taking from customer is approaching legendary...and I have no idea why this is happening. I am not the bad guy here. If AOL cancels your account of some silly thing, then fight to get your account back instead of taking your anger out on me. It's not my fault if there was a power hungry room manager (and for the record, being ejected from a room is *not* a TOS) who wants to kick folks out left and right for no other reason than because they can. So please, if you have an issue you'd like me to address, present it to me via the support forum with a properly filled out support form in a civilized fashion and I will be pleased to assist you. Writing me directly and using swear words will either get you no reply, or a caustic one from me, because I do not put up with people treating me badly because they are having problems unrelated to me or my software. I will tell you this now...if it doesn't stop, and I mean soon...I will shut this down and there will be no more WavMan. I made the choice to tough out Windows Vista out of loyalty for you, my customers...and in the end all I get back is nasty letters about upgrade fees, canceled accounts, accusations of fraud, you name it. This kind of activity really does not want to make me keep doing this. The loyalty obviously only went one way...and if that is truly the way it is then this will be the last year I even bother with WavMan. There has been no profit from this venture for close to four years now...yet I continue to do it because it was folks like you who supported me back when AOL was popular. It is most certainly not for the money. Hell, I have to pay for the extra bandwidth my site uses out of pocket because the masses feel they can download the program multiple times in one day. Sorry, but all that does is waste bandwidth and in the end, money. So those of you who have suggested I am just a thief looking to make as much money as I can to fatten my're not only wrong, but out of line. No income = no website = no place to download WavMan. Okay? Okay.

The current WavMan downloads are compatible with Windows Vista SP1 and Windows XP SP3. The next update will contain (finally) the WavBeg feature, which I think you will find incredibly useful. :-)

Plus I have some other things on the board ready to code more is to come. If you are a developer who uses Visual Basic 6.0 and Windows Vista, I'll have a web site up soon for those folks to help them out with the problems that have cropped up over time...but for the most part, it's for other developers. Eventually it will replace TPA Software and WavMan. I have no idea don't ask, please. :-)

In the meantime, WavBeg is almost done. And I would greatly appreciate it if those of you who have or are intending to send me nasty, hateful email over something you think isn't fair. Please, don't. I'm tired of reading them and in actuality, it just brings me down and I want to say "the hell with all of this." and shut down the site for ever. Just like Powertools/BPS did. Conversely, butt-kissing letters are not necessary either. All I require is a little respect and civility. Treat me like you would want to be treated. Okay? Not a lot to ask. Folks used to say to me how awesome WavMan is and how nice Tad and I were (well, more me than Tad :P) Well, if the program is still good enough to use, then why all the anger towards me? I'm not anyone's whipping post, and will not be again from this point forward. Please, just be civil and all will be well. :)

Keep an eye out for the next beta which will feature WavBeg and another article explaining how it works.

Until then, I remain.