June 2004

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  Sunday, June 6, 2004 @ 10:22PM EDT by:  Kevin
For those who are interested in what is going on and what is coming, I offer this message to you. :)

Buddy Plus and IMs Plus will be updated for AOL 9.0 SE in the very near future. Fade-It and WallPaper don't seem to exhibit any problems with the updated AOL 9.0.

Messenger Plus has been pulled so it can be retooled and re-released. The download rate for this program is severely high to the point where I would have to start purchasing extra bandwidth. However, the rate of registration does not justify this extra cost. So I need to review the program to see what is going on. It's obvious to me that a way to keep the program without paying for it has surfaced and I need to patch that hole, plus fix a few issues caused by the latest AIM 5.5 version. No more free rides. ;-)

I have two other projects in the coding. One called WeatherMan (which I must make compliant with weather.com as it's their service I want to use, so there are periods of certification and testing the program must pass) and the other is called WebBadge. Details on WebBadge will appear later on this month as the program comes closer to completion. Neither are AOL Add Ons. They are for Windows users, and WebBadge is for people who design web pages and web logs.

It's my goal to find a way to fund TPA Software for the next year or so, and these new programs should hopefully help. All those "free updates" don't pay the bills folks. I really don't want to close shop so close to TPA's tenth anniversary.

Oh, and I also ditched the hit counter at the bottom of this page. I'm over it now. After the mark hit 5 million I was satisfied. Plus the count has long become distorted between site moves and FrontPage Extensions not working as they should. Plus it's not like I am really in competition with anyone anymore. They seemed to have fizzeled away or moved on. Oh well...good for us. :D

Any questions about this post? Let me know!

Kevin Provance