June 2007

  Update June 2007: Vista progress...
  Tuesday, June 19, 2007 @ 8:47PM EDT by:  Kevin
I posted an update here a few days ago and it disappeared...so here it is again in so many words: A couple of days ago from the date of this post I ran WavMan on Windows Vista for the very first time...after what seems like months of work (wait...it has been months, hasn't it? How time flies). The results are promising. Most everything works the way it's supposed to. The new interface really works well with Vista (and of course under XP). Very soon I will be putting up the WavMan Professional beta page with the download to follow soon after. You'll be able to read about what's new and what's coming.

I wanted to say there might be a download by the end of the month...but I don't think I can commit to that date. The list of things I have to rework for Windows Vista might require some detailed attention (but then of course, what doesn't?) :-)

I will keep the updates frequent about progress and we'll see what happens...maybe I'll surprise even myself. ;-)