June 2008

  The @wavman.com email addresses proposal
  Wednesday, June 4, 2008 @ 9:37PM EDT by:  Kevin
If you have not already seen the TPA Poll (and if you have not, please do so now and I'll wait...okay, did you vote? I hope so.

My plan as of this writing is to open up my wavman.com email server and letting folks sigh up for their own name. So if your name is Sarah Bartles, you could be sarah@wavman.com OR sarahb@wavman.com, and so on. You get the idea I would then write a very simple program that you could use with or without WavMan to check for your WavMan mail...or if you understand smpt or pop3, you could use Outlook or some other mail reader, but you;d be on your own for making it work. I cannot support every email client out there, short of my own. At this point I'm gauging interest in such a thing to see if it will even be worth the time and energy to invest in such a program.

Also, and here is the caveat, it wouldn't be free. Here is why. The amount of bandwidth that such a project would use up has to be paid for in some fashion or another. I have to request a certain block of addresses and pay for them and each box has a quota. So to recoup these costs, I would ask for a one time setup fee to start the mailbox and a monthly fee to keep the bandwidth in check. These will not be large fees I assure you. They will be at cost to me merely so I can keep the system operating. There will be very little profit, if any in it for me. When I can get an idea of how many folks want such a thing, then I will work out my business plan and we'll see what costs what, but I promise you it would be in the range of five to ten bucks a month. As I said, I am not greedy and would do this at cost to keep it running. Of course if folks want to donate extra...I won't stop them. :-)

In terms of names and who gets them, it's a first come-first serve policy. If three gals all named Mary want the same name, then the first one gets it (or if any other Marys want to make a kind donation (yeah, a bribe) I might be amenable to that. But let's get our data together first. So tell all your waver friends to vote and we'll see what happens. I'll post details over the course of this process as they become available. Eventually, I'll ask for about four people to run a bunch of tests for me...and those folks won't have to pay for any of it until we go live, then regular monthly fees will start. We may even be able to come up with a discount "pay in advance" plan...but again, I'm getting ahead of myself.

In terms of privacy, the only person who has access to the server is me (the admin) and the same guy who administrates my entire account. Neither one of us you need to worry about as there is an agreement that says in so many words that we won't be reading or monitoring any of your correspondence unless court ordered to do so and I have a subpoena in hand. Put another way, I could care less about what other people talk about...I have my own life to worry about and unless a judge tells me otherwise, no one else will ever have access to my server.

You might think about what kind of name you would like, and then think of two other alternatives, because I am sure there will be cases several people will want the same name. Once you have picked or been assigned a name you deem acceptable then you will *not* be able to change it. To do so means a lot of work for me and I don't want to be creating and deleting accounts all day over name changes. I might do it *once* for a small fee if circumstances warrant and it's a damned good reason, but otherwise what you pick is what you get. Oh, and you'll only be able to have one account per person.

Finally, at this time, I am only offering this to registered users of WavMan in good standing (which means those of you who owe me money or screwed me out of money, don't even think about applying). I thought about offering it to anyone for a higher fee, but then I thought about the abuse that could come from this (spamming, scamming, etc) and thought it would be best just to offer this service to those who have a proven relationship with either me or the company. And of course, the rules that I am subject to to use this mail server also will apply to you (a copy will be available). In short, no spamming, sending hate mail, abuse of the mail server or using it as a device to store sound files. Sending one to a friend is fine, but storing them as mail, no. Each account only gets x amount of space anyway and it would be very easy to see who would be abusing the service as such. Infractions would receive the same standard warning I would get in this situation. After a warning, the account would be terminated with no refunds. So, do the right thing and use the service for which it was intended and there won't be any problems.

So, vote for the idea, have your friends who use WavMan to vote and we'll go from there.