October 2002

  GuestBook taken offline
  Tuesday, October 22, 2002 @ 6:04PM EDT by:  Kevin
For some reason, there seems to be a rumour going around that the TPA Software GuestBook was forcefully taken down. I am taking this time to post a response to the many questions I have gotten over this.

I have taken the GuestBook down and deleted my account with Lycos on purpose. I am not, and was not happy with the service they offered. I originally signed up with lpage.com several years ago. Evetually Lycos bought them out, and for all intents and purposes ruined a perfectly good GuestBook service.

There is also a group (or groups) of people that have abused this resource by posting very nasty and obscene messages and "bombing" the GuestBook by leaving the same message over and over again. This is being done in an attempt to annoy me. The only thing these people have succeeded in doing is forcing me to remove the GuestBook as I do not have the time to devote to constantly deleting multiple posts.

However, I have saved every post made since 1997 and will be putting them all up for everyone to read when I get some extra time. Eventually, I will write my own GuestBook script which will filter out bombing and block certain people who have no other intent than to leave abusive messages.

I am sorry it has come to this though. It's sad that there are people out there who resort to this type of activity because they have no other outlet for their anger and frustration.

  AOL 8.0 is now available!
  Wednesday, October 9, 2002 @ 1:02PM EDT by:  Kevin
As of this afternoon, AOL 8.0 was available for download at Keyword: 8.0. If you anxious to check out the new version of AOL, now would be the time to do it. If you do not see the download page, then do not despair...AOL may be rolling it out only a few cities at a time. If this is the case then just wait patiently. They will get to you eventually.

As promised, we are ready to go as well. If you have AOL 8.0 and need the appropriate upgrade, it's here on the site someplace.

Good luck, and enjoy the new softwares.

  Is October 15th the big day?
  Friday, October 4, 2002 @ 2:33PM EDT by:  Kevin
According to the Reuters Internet Report, AOL is going to release version 8.0 of their software on October 15th. If so, mark your calanders. After working with the beta version for the last few months, I'd have to say the upgrade is probably worth the download. The new features are very nice. :)

Rest assured, we are ready also! Terminator, Fade-It and WallPaper have been AOL 8.0 compatible for over a month now. WavMan, Buddy Plus and IMs Plus are all in beta, and working really smooth so far. I expect they will all go "gold master" very shortly after the release of AOL 8.0. :)