October 2011

  WeatherMan Discontinued
  Tuesday, October 18, 2011 @ 9:33PM EDT by:  Kevin
The time has come to sunset and discontinue the WeatherMan application. For years weather.com offered freely their weather XML feed for developers to take advantage of for their 'freeware' desktop applications. I am sorry to say this is no more. In their corporate greed and a desire to make a buck wherever possible, weather.com now requires a monthly fee (approx. $168.00 per MONTH) to offer the same weather data currently available in the WeatherMan application. In today's economy, I do not have that kind of money to blow for a program that brings in no revenue and to which no one has seen fit to donate for. Alternatively, it would be possible to offer WeatherMan as a shareware app. The problem then becomes demand, to which I do not believe there is enough of. If I were to offer the program at $10.00 license fee (for the life of the major version of the program), 17 unique people would need to download and register a month to break even. Again, based on visits to this web site and the WeatherMan page specifically, I do not believe that kind of demand exists.

I am sorry I am no longer able to offer WeatherMan, for free or otherwise. If you would like to register a complaint with weather.com over their greedy business practices, feel free to contact Scott H Zucker at theweatherchannelapi@weather.com. I'm sure he'll ignore you the same way he did me. ;-)