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This section of my website is devoted to some personal stuff that's non-business related. It beats having to register another domain name which isn't exactly cheap. Please bear in mind that all views and opinions that are expressed in this section of my website are mine and mine alone and are in no way associated with TPA Software.

If you can live with all away! :)

C. Kevin Provance

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  Original Stories

Quite a few years ago I sat down and wrote a few original stories.  One is a three act novella about a serial killer, told from the killers point of view.  The other is a murder mystery, and is quite long.  Grab a drink, kick back and enjoy the show!

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  Remember When

The first real WavMan that was released to the public.  See for yourself just how far the "little program that could" has come.

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  My own little FAQ

Every now and then people ask me what I like to do when I'm not working, which is almost never.  How did I get started in programming?  Find out on my Frequently Asked Questions page, hosted by Mr. Tad J. Ingram

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