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  WavMan 2.0

WavMan 2.0 was released to the public late in 1995.  Earlier version were in private distribution only.  I was cleaning out my desk and found a copy of the source code for this old version of WavMan.  I had forgotten just how far WavMan had come in such a short period of time (a few years isn't a whole lot of time).  I was also appalled at how bad it used to look as you will soon see for yourself.  Now, this version of WavMan is no longer being offered.  I don't even have a compiled copy anymore (although I do have one of version 3.0 around here somewhere).  I just wanted to give the avid WavMan user a chance to see what it looked like in the beginning...

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  The WavMan 2.0 Splash Screen

I think this image speaks for itself.  If I remember correctly...the day I made this splash screen was the day I had bought the 3-D software to do it.

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  The "Start AOL" button.

What you would have seen next after the splash screen has unloaded.

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  The Wav List

This originally was the only function of WavMan...the Wav List, and this was all it really did.

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  The Help Options Window

The was no help file with the first public WavMan, just a few windows within the program.  Here is the choice of help topics for WavMan 2.0.

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  The Configuration Editor

The WavMan "setup".  I think the difference also speaks for itself...   :)

I wish I had more to show you, but this was it for WavMan 2.0.  Personally, I think WavMan has come a long way over the last few years, but you decide. :)

I hope you enjoyed some of these old images.  It was a kick for me to see them again!

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