File Sunset Notice

WavMan versions 9, 10 and 11
Fade-It version 1
Buddy Plus versions 1 and 2
IMs Plus version 1
WallPaper for AOL

The following programs will no longer be sold or "supported" by TPA Software.  However, these programs are available for downloading if current users need to reinstall the programs for any given reason.

Like any software development company, TPA Software continually evaluates the needs of its audience and apportions its resources to meet consumer demand.  In order to devote more of our development resources to producing and maintaining add-ons for current and future versions of AOL, we have to "sunset" older programs.

File Sunsetting Explained


We no longer promote these programs on our web site, and the programs are not publicly available.  However, we still have these programs available for users who need to reinstall the programs for one reason or another. 


We no longer issue version upgrades for these programs.  If AOL makes system changes which render any features inoperable in any of these programs, we will not release an upgrade to address those changes.


We will only offer limited support for the programs.  Please refer to the TPA Software Support Center for more information.


Due to bandwidth limitations, files that have been sunset are no longer available for general download.  If you require one of these files, please contact support with proof of prior registration.  Due to attempts in the past to circumvent our registration protocols, simply having a valid registration number will not be sufficient.  You will need to supply us with a copy of your original registration E-Mail.

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