Registrations Department

Please read the following carefully before continuing...

Upon payment and registration for any TPA Software product, users are no longer entitled to replacement registration numbers for any one given program. However, users can purchase a new registration number for each.  The reason for this change is AOL has made their software based service free (as of July 4, 2006), and it would be impossible for TPA software to police how many accounts any given customer has.  Since AOL is free, there is no responsibility for owning an AOL account any longer.  Anyone can have one at any time (and presumably multiple accounts) which would leave us with the responsibility of maintaining a database of who has multiple accounts and who does not...and we are no longer prepared to be giving away for free replacement registration numbers as it would be too easy to close and account and request a free number for a "new account" and then reopen the old one.  In this case, someone has obtained a free version of our software without purchasing it like everyone else.  Because AOL has made it too easy for anyone to have multiple account, we must adjust our policy as such.  ALL second (or third) account you may have will require a separate registration each.  No exceptions will be may for anyone at anytime in regard to this policy, so don't ask.  There is no way for us to police this kind of thing and more to the point, it's not our job.  My recommendation, should you desire multiple accounts is to the the twenty or so bucks saved by not paying for AOL anymore and use it to purchase (and more importantly, support) your favorite AOL add on.  It allows us to invest time and effort into new versions, newer features and so our programmer can feed his kids.  :-) 

We apologize if this does not bode well with some people, but the bottom line is that TPA Software and WavMan cannot to continue to exist with making a profit, not only so employees get paid, but so that new features can be developed and the company can continue to exist.  No continuing support means TPA Software and WavMan could cease to exist and everybody loses.

Thanks for the continued support and understanding.

Kevin Provance & E.J. Provance