Registrations Department

Important information:

Please read the following paragraphs carefully before continuing:

This form is designed specifically for two types of requests:


Invalid Registration Number Concerns
Problems with registration numbers being reported "invalid."


Order Inquiries
Checking  a pending order.  If you have ordered with credit card, please allow up to three days before using this form.  If you have ordered through Postal Mail, allow up to 15 days before using this form.

If you have lost your registration number, please use the Registration Number Search page.  Please do not use this form for lost registration numbers.  Anyone attempting to abuse this form for that purpose will not receive a reply.

This is not an order form for any of our products, nor is this a technical support forum.  If you are looking to order one of our products, please refer to the Pricing and Registration section of this web site.  All technical support inquires should be directed to the TPA Software Support Center.

TPA Software has hired a competent secretarial professional who maintains a highly accurate database for our registered customers. If you have registered with us, we have a record of it. False claims are not tolerated and will be ignored.

Responses from the registration department could take between 24 to 48 hours.

VERY Important information:

If you are one of those AOL members who has their E-Mail turned off due to over-whelming junk mail, you must unblock and allow the screen name TPA Software to send mail to you using AOL's Mail Controls (you must be on AOL to use this link) otherwise we have no way of replying to you or sending you your registration number.

When you receive your registration number, write it down on a piece of paper and tape it on the bottom of your keyboard.  This way, if anything ever happens to your computer, all you will need to do is re-download the program you registered and type in your registration number which does not change unless you begin a NEW AOL account.

Because this information is included in the registration letter, we will look up your registration number free of charge ONE TIME.  If this suggestion is ignored and second request for a registration number lookup is sent to us, it may be subject to a registration number lookup fee of no more than $5.00 per incident.  So please, heed this helpful hint.  :)

Part One: Basic information
FULL name of the person who registered the product
E-Mail Address:
Please use your full E-Mail address, if your screen name has spaces in it, please leave them out.   Your screen name must appear as one word WITH the "" suffix. - e.g.
Master AOL Screen Name:
This is the screen name you created when you signed onto AOL for the first time.

The Name of the Program You Are Using:

Part Two: Type of Request
Pending Order:
You've sent for your registration and are inquiring about it
Invalid Registration Number:
Your registration number is being returned "invalid".

Part Three: Payment Type
Credit Card:
You paid for your registration with a Visa, MasterCard or American Express credit card.

Check/Money Order:
You paid for your registration with a Check or Money Order.
You paid for your registration with cash money.
Other Pertinent Information (optional)

Please add another other information that may be useful or comments as needed: