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grn_bt.jpg (687 bytes) Excerpts from the journal of John Myers Jr.

July 17, 1994

My transfer to Western Maryland College from the University of Ohio is complete. I will attend my senior year there, so I may begin Phase II of my plan to avenge my fathers and bring my mom some peace in her death. How ironic that one of my father’s murderers is the very dean of Western Maryland College! Adam Jones. I will be able to keep a close eye on him as he is the last. The first by another stroke of luck is Austin Webb, an instructor at that very same college.

In Phase I, I was able to locate all of the people involved with scarecrow. Mom was able to describe all of them and give me their names. I cannot forget the horrid story in which she describes Jones pulling the trigger on the gun that ended my father’s life. They stole my father from me even before I had a chance to know him. All I have is pictures and what mom tells me about him. It was racism that killed my dad. I myself have never been a racist person, as I have both black and white blood in me. I simply can not fathom the idea of one man killing another over the color of his skin. I don’t hate these people for being white. I hate them because they killed a man, my father, John Myers.

I will learn more of these people when I arrive in Westminster, Maryland next month. Then I will change my name to Jarrod Mayfield, and Phase II will begin.


July 23, 1994

I can’t forget the stories. The ugly way these people teased and tormented my parents because they were not the same color. It was wrong, fucking wrong! I told my mom before she dies of cancer that I would avenge her and my dad. I fully expected her to object, but she did not. She gave me her blessing and said she would have done it herself if she had not been so scared of losing her own life in the process. I on the other hand, am not afraid to die to avenge my father. I spoke then, which was back in ‘93 of killing these people, although I had no idea how to go about doing it. It’s really complicated to kill a man and get away with it. I will befriend some people at W.M.C. and maybe set one of them up to take the fall. It happens all the time, plus, it will keep the attention off me! I don’t know yet how I’m going to do this specifically, but I’m sure I’ll figure out a way when I get there.

I have also discovered in the course of research that one of the murderers is the owner of his own restaurant. Stewart Boswell. He owns a place called Pizza-To-Go. I think as part of Phase II, I will have to acquire a job there, either as a cook or a server to get close to Stewart. He will be an easy kill.

Like Adam.

There are a few others I may have a problem with though. Maria Hayes and Eleanor Gordon specifically. The Internet access to the alumni at the college tells me they are still living in Maryland. They are marries with different last names. I must find out what they are. The alumni association won’t give me last names or addresses. Just a last initial. I need to find a way to dial into the mainframe.

Again, I will learn more when I get to Maryland.


August 2, 1995

I talked to my future roommate at Western Maryland College this morning. His name is Ryan Thomas. And I fear by the way he talks, he may be the son of Jeffery Thomas, the man who was originally going to shoot my father. I have decided now that I am not going to take any of my aggressions out on Jeffrey’s son. Ryan probably doesn’t even know of scarecrow anyway. He was telling me of all these people he knew and could introduce me to. One in particular, Alan Kittridge, editor of The Forum, the college newspaper. Ryan asked me if I like to write, and of course I said yes. That and I was very into computers. The newspaper might be a good way for me to snoop around and not look suspicious. He also mentioned the name of a particular girl over and over again. Tiffany Cutter I think the name was. Ryan confided in me that he really had it bad for this girl. He was going to make it his life’s work to bed this chick. I am anxious to see what she looks like.

The day of Phase II grows closer, as does the anticipation.


August 19, 1994

I have made the trip to Westminster, Maryland. Both the college and the city are beautiful. Quaint, quiet, peaceful for the most part. Yet, somehow, I can not fully appreciate it, knowing fully that my father was killed here. It was behind a building called Alumni Hall, which I found with no problem. There was supposed to be a shed there, behind the building. I found none. I think there might have been a shed there once though. There was a water spicket sticking up out of the ground in an odd place.

My father was standing in this place when he was killed. It was eerie for me to be there. I can only imagine how everything must have been back in the seventies. Mom would always tell em about how my dad fell after he was shot. She fell to her knees to hold him. Eleanor has told her to run away and never come back. My fathers last word before he dies in my moms arms were "I love you".

Now, twenty four years later, I am standing in the same spot. I think I can almost feel my dad’s spirit here telling me what I need to do.

Kill the ten members of scarecrow.

Ya know, my dad’s body was never found. I wonder where they put it.

I think that I will have to ask about that to one of the scarecrows before I kill them.


August 21, 1994

Orientation for the college was a joke. However, Ryan and Tiffany made it bearable. I got to see what Adam Jones looked like too. He looks like a pompous arrogant snob! I felt the urge to stand up and shout, "I’m not here to attend you shitty college. I’m here to kill you and your scarecrow comrades!"

Needless to say, I did not do such a thing.

I also met Austin Webb. He seems like a real cool guy. I find it hard to believe he was part of a hate group a long time ago. However, my mission is still clear, and Webb will be the first when the plan is set and the time is right.

Ryan was right. Tiffany is one hundred percent pure FUCKABLE!

September 3, 1994

I got a job today at Pizza-To-Go as a driver. In the process, I met Stewart Boswell. This guy is a complete fruit loop. Very sarcastic and no fun to be around. However, the job is not so bad. The tips one can make while driving around town and delivering pizzas is surprisingly good. The extra cash will come in handy.

Ryan also works at P.T.G. He is a cook, and prefers not to drive. Just as well, his car is a piece of shit. Through talking to him, I discovered more about Jeffery. He is now a part owner of his own business. Very rich. I hear he has a nice house and drives a Lexus.

Little does Jeffery know that I’m about to take him away from all of that.

I’ve started to make plans for the killings. The name of the group is scarecrow, right? So wouldn’t it be appropriate if I left the mark of a crow on each of the victims? Say, a brand or something? I think I saw a leather shop in the mall that sells leather stamps made out of steel. I will find out if there is one of a crow, and use that for a brand.

Mom would be proud.


September 5, 1994

I purchased the leather stamp today. It’s a body of a crow with it’s head profiles and wings extended. Perfect, this will do nicely. I’ve also decided to use another calling card. As I begin to plot these murders in my head, I come up with ways to do them all in, one at a time in a premeditated fashion. I have an order for the victims. The first initial of each of their names will spell out ADAM JONES. Austin Webb, Duncan Porter, Alexander West, Maria Hayes, Jeffery Thomas, Oscar Quincy (who lives in Ohio), Norman Miller (who is a cop of all things!), Eleanor Gordon, Stewart Boswell, and finally, Adam Jones himself. How odd that it should all fit together this way. It was meant to be this way I think.

If I do this right, I’m going to leave something at each of the murder scenes. A card, telling in a puzzle type way, who the next victim is going to be. It will be a phrase of some kind that should lead the police to the next victim, if they’re smart enough to figure it out. If they do, scarecrow will no longer be a secret, and lives will be ruined. I have plans.

This will work.

It has to.


September 18, 1994

I found some blank business cards in Stewart’s office that will do nicely. I stole a handful of them and smuggled them back to the dorm room and hid them in my dresser with the leather stamp. Right now, they are in the bottom drawer and should be safe there for the time being. I should probably consider a safe deposit box in the future.

Speaking of which, I acquired a PO box today at the Westminster Post Office. I needed to do this so I could change the billing address on my mom’s credit card, which is actually my fathers. The story as it was told to me was that my dad left his wallet at my mom’s dorm room the night he was killed. She changed her last name from Brown to Myers and continued to use the card. Now that mom had passed away, I am carrying the credit card. Actually, I have had it since I started college in Ohio.

Since that time, I have acquired a false ID that bears the name Jarrod Mayfield, while at the same time, I have my true driver’s license of John Myers Jr.

I am going to need a permanent address to fool the credit card company with as a PO box is not acceptable as a permanent address, though it will work as a billing address. I have heard rumors of an old house that use to set here in Westminster and was since torn down. I’m willing to bet there is still an address for the land that the house used to sit on.

Land Records at the court house should have that information.

I should investigate.


September 25, 1994

Ryan took me to one of his wild parties last night. It was interesting to watch my peers slowly kill themselves by pumping beer into themselves as fast as they could get it in. I have also never seen the wild side of Tiffany, till now. She is truly the original party animal, and probably a hell of a fuck as Ryan has often theorized.

Working with the paper is going well too. Sadly, I have discovered that Eleanor Gordon is now Eleanor Kittridge, Alan’s wife. This is getting complicated as I am getting close with the wrong people. To back out now would be suspicious. I keep reminding myself that my goal is still clear. Eliminating the scarecrow’s no matter what the cost.

Even if it comes down to my life in the end.

I am prepared.


October 11, 1994

I now have the exact location of each member of scarecrow. Phase II is coming together, and Phase III will start sometime next year. There are still many details to work out yet, such as each individual death. Each one must be planned accordingly and to the last detail if I am to succeed, and not get caught. Austin is the first. I have not come up with a plan for him yet as he is well liked by everybody. I have to find the skeleton in his closet. Therefore, I have no card for him yet.

Duncan Porter will meet his demise with a stabbing. Then I shall blow his house up via telephone bomb. There should be enough of him left to see the mark of the crow I would think. I have watched his house in Owings Mills closely. He lives alone. This will make my job easier. "Ring me a Porter"

Alexander West is an art instructor at Carroll Community College. He shall die there. Somehow, I shall arrange it so he drowns in a can of paint. I have no card for him yet either.

Maria Hayes-Hogan, as she calls herself now, is a secretary for a Japanese company in Columbia. A mail bomb will do her nicely. "Take a letter Maria."

Jeffery Thomas. Ryan’s father lives by himself also, in the middle of no where in a big mansion. I have seen the house once or twice in our travels together. I should be able to get in one morning and poison all his food with something lethal. Arsenic perhaps. "An English muffin for breakfast."

Oscar Quincy, lives in Ohio. Dayton Ohio to be specific. Getting there could be a problem. I might have to break done and reveal the fact that I live in Ohio. If I time it correctly, I may be able to get up there for a holiday of some kind, when classes are not in session. "Felix’s roommate."

Norman Miller, a detective for the Maryland State Police. This should be an interesting chase. I am anxious to see how involved he will be in the investigation of the killings I am embarking upon. This is not an ego on my part. I’m sure once the police put the clues from these deaths together, they’re going to call it ‘serial killings’. Let them call it what they want, its still revenge!

I want scarecrow revealed and it’s members punished with death. Norman could be a problem, after all, he is a cop. Tentatively, I may have to bomb his house too, while he sleeps. This may change as police can be so unpredictable. After Norman, I will have to exercise extreme caution. When a cop gets killed, it can draw a lot more attention than just a regular murder. I’ve seen it happen. "Only a psycho would kill his mother."

Eleanor Gordon-Kittridge. She was Alexander’s squeeze during the year of scarecrow, 1970. This makes her involved, as she was there. She may be another problem. It mostly depends on how Miller’s death is handled. Tentatively, I hope to run her off the road in her car or something like that. I want all the murders to be different with only one MO, the crow! I will finish her off by hand if the crash doesn’t do it. "Ah, look at all the lonely people."

Stewart Boswell, boy, what a flake! I’ll just make sure he meets with some kind of accident on the job. That one is still way up in the air. Norman’s death and how it is received will have a lot to do with the murders that occur after him. "Eat soup - look at pictures"

Adam Jones will be the last, and I have no idea what to do for his death. Whatever it is, I want it to be big. No card for him.

All this of course, is subject to change. I’ll just have to see how it goes. It is nice to have a plan though.

As I said before, Phase III will not start till next year. Sometime this spring I should say. If I have my way, Adam’s death will be on the twenty fifth anniversary of my father’s death. May 23.

We’ll see what happens.


November 24, 1994

It’s Thanksgiving Day. It’s times like these that I really miss my mom, and regret not ever knowing my dad. We were never able to sit at a table together and have a proper dinner as a family. I hate scarecrow for taking that away from me! I HATE THEM AND THEY WILL ALL DIE FOR IT!!!!!!!!

Ryan asked me if I would like to come for dinner at his father’s house tonight. Tiffany is going for a little while. I figure, what the hell. Just because I’m going to kill his father later next year shouldn’t change anything. Besides, if I want to look believable, I need to be sociable. Sometimes, it takes all the might I have not to blow up at the scarecrows!!! Especially Webb. I see him practically every other day as he is one of my instructors. Killing him first will be satisfying, if nothing else.

I feel like time is dragging. I want to start avenging my father now! The waiting is killing me. Often I don’t write in here, if I write at all anymore. Keeping up with my studies is hard enough. It keeps my mind off what I am waiting for.

I still can’t find a skeleton in Webb’s closet.

He is going to be the first to go, so it has to make a statement.

I haven’t thought of one yet.

Maybe tomorrow.


December 5, 1994

Let it be known that I hate cold weather with a passion. I went for a walk today and discovered the most unusual thing. Well, maybe not unusual. Try interesting. A mile or so from the college in downtown Westminster, along the railroad tracks is an abandoned warehouse. It looks like its been uninhabited for quite a while. It’s the perfect place for me to construct and hide my bombs. I also picked up a new book. The Anarchist’s Cookbook. Inside, it describes how to make certain kinds of bombs. I’ve also picked up a few bomb techniques from the Internet. The new year will be here soon.

I can’t wait.

The warehouse itself is very open and very cold this time of year. There are a few work benches there, and at night I should be able to get in unseen. During the day might be another matter. I may have to walk. So I figure I will drop my supplies off there at night and walk there during the day.

I have also successfully changed the mailing address for my credit card.

Everything is falling into place now.


January 1, 1995

The new year is finally here and the countdown has begun. I am tentatively planning the last murder, Adam’s murder to be the anniversary date of my father’s death. That would be May 23, 1995. I counted back nine weeks from that. I came to the date March 23. That will be the day I kill Webb and begin picking off the members of scarecrow one by one, a week at a time.

That is if all goes well.

If not, other arrangements will have to be made.

I still have not determined how to kill off Webb. I always knew the first was going to be the hardest. I’m thinking either a bomb or a stabbing. Also, I have not come up with a clever card for Webb. I will send it to him when I do think of one so he will have a sense that I am on my way to final vindication.

At last, John and Beth Myers will have peace.


January 23, 1995

I think there is something going on between Webb and Tiffany. For the last couple of days I have seen her and him walking together towards the building his office is in after classes are over for the day. Normally, it wouldn’t look like anything out of the ordinary. However, Tiffany is giggling and acting like a school girl. I think something is up. I will have to watch closer.

There may be leverage against Webb in this discovery


February 5, 1995

It has been confirmed. Webb and Tiffany are sleeping with each other. If Ryan were to ever find out about this, he would shit cinder blocks!

I followed the both of them to Webb’s office building one night and waited. For a long time I waited before sneaking into the building and eavesdropping on the two of them outside the office door.

Tiffany is one loud bitch! I got a major fucking hard on listening to the two of them go at it. Tiffany can FUCK! Poor Ryan, he doesn’t know what he’s missing.

I have decided that this is the way to get Webb. It’s common knowledge that he is a married man. And now he is cheating on his wife. Thus, the ides for a card to send to Webb as a warning is born. "It’s a tangled Webb we weave."

That should get his attention.


February 12, 1995

As the start date for the murders approaches, I find myself getting nervous. It’s so easy to talk about killing somebody. I’ve run the scenario over and over again in my head since I decided last year to do this thing. Only now, I know it’s harder than it looks.

I may try this. I am going to attempt to get Webb to confess to the whole scarecrow ordeal by blackmailing him with what I know about Tiffany. He may do it after all. It is his career at stake here. A scandal of this magnitude could do considerable damage to a man in Webb’s position.

Then again, so could the revelation of scarecrow. Either way, he’s fucked! Webb is going to have to decide which of the two evils is lesser.

Now, it’s just the waiting.

39 more days to go.


March 2, 1995

I think Webb and Tiffany have broken up. They don’t hang out with each other in secret like they used to. In fact, I think I might have been witness to harsh words between the two. I don’t know how this will affect my blackmail plan. I can only hope the breakup is on Webb’s part. It would definitely make him a nervous man.

I have also rented a car from a local rental company to get around in un noticed. For now I will have to park it in a distant part of the parking lot at the college. Later on, I’ll move it to a park and ride and keep it there. I think there’s one not to far from the college. This is just in case I get spotted, they won’t spot my car.

I must be prepared for anything.


March 12, 1995

I discovered a promotional flyer in the student lounge today. Alexander West is going to give a lecture on the life and works of Van Gogh at Carroll Community later this month. Unfortunately, the lecture will fall on the 29th. If I am to use this lecture to my advantage, I will have to move my timetable up. But, it seems so perfect. I have my card for West. "Go West."

How ironic.


March 19, 1995

I sent a letter to Webb’s office via inter-college mail. It was the warning card and a brief note. In so many words, it said that I knew about him and Tiffany, and that if he didn’t want exposure, he would meet me to discuss my terms. I added that I did not want money, or material goods. I wanted a confession.

Unfortunately, I had to make a bluff here. I claimed I had pictures of him and Tiffany together (I don’t). Webb needed to come alone and tell no one of the meeting, or I would have them circulated. I added that the pictures were in someone else’s care, and that if something were to happen to me and I didn’t check in, the pictures would circulate.

That should keep Webb honest, even though it is a lie

The confession he would have to make?


I signed the note John Myers Jr. That should really get his attention.


March 22, 1995

Webb doesn’t look well these days. He seems to have lost his spunk. In the distance, I can see the man looking over his shoulder.

He’s scared. I wonder if he has told Adam yet? Or any of the others?

I meet him tomorrow night, at eleven p.m. Underneath the bleaches at the end o the service road behind the stadium.

Although I am ready to carry out my purpose and begin Phase III, I am scared. I have never killed a man.

I must remind myself that justice is being served here.


March 23, 1995

It is over. Webb is dead. As I write this, Ryan sleeps peacefully in his bed. He got off work before I did and obviously decided to crash.

Webb was there, as instructed. I arrived under the bleachers between runs at Pizza-To-Go. It’s a decent alibi. I am on the clock at work and everybody thinks I am on the road delivering pizzas.

I should be okay.

Webb was not a cooperative man, so he had to die.

Killing a man was not as hard as I thought it would be. I was a bit scared at the thought, but when Webb refused and condescended to me, the hate flared up like a bad case of hemorrhoids. I thought of nothing but my suffering, dying father and the pain my mom lived with for the last twenty three years of her life. I stabbed at Webb, enjoying his suffering, enjoying his pain. His cries gave me a rush that was comparable to an orgasm.

I took a beeper off Webb’s body, which I think is the one he gave to Tiffany for their rendezvous’. I thought it might come in handy for the frame up theory against Tiffany I am planning. Her past with Webb would definitely make her look guilty for crimes of passion.

It would certainly deter suspicion from me.

I used the big kitchen knife from Pizza-To-Go. Nobody should notice it missing. The damn thing turns up missing so often anyway. I made sure to stash the thing in the warehouse so that I may use it on Porter.

Killing the others is going to be fun I think.

I left the brand on his forehead, and the second card.

Duncan "Ring me a Porter" is next.


March 24, 1995

All is relatively quiet so far. Ryan and Alan are taking this thing way to seriously. The whole college is shook up over Webb’s death, which is what I wanted. An impact, a statement. I am encouraging Ryan to write a story on the murder. However, it’s Alan I’m worried about. Apparently, he and Webb were buddies in their youth. I certainly hope Alan doesn’t become to involved. That would make things difficult.

I may have to kill Porter earlier than anticipated. Getting away from the college to Owings Mills, which is a good bit away from the college, may be more difficult than I originally assumed.

I took some time to think. Tomorrow is Sunday, and Ryan will no doubt sleep in. I will leave early in the morning and do it then. The bomb is ready and waiting in the warehouse. I only hope it works like the file on the Internet said it would.

If Ryan gets suspicious, I will buy an early morning movie ticket and rip off the stub. My alibi?

I was at the mall getting some exercise and decided to take in a flick.

Suddenly, I’m nervous again.


March 25, 1995

Duncan is dead. Boy that was too easy. He was home alone. I knocked on the door, claiming I was a salesman. He refused to let me in and I hit him across the head with a rock I had in my hand. He fell, and I stabbed him then inside his own home. Then the brand and the card was left in the mailbox.

The bomb on Porter’s phone was a success. And then I find out later, Tiffany was in Owings Mills that morning getting an abortion because she was carrying Webb’s baby. Isn’t that a hoot!

I wrapped the knife I killed both men with in paper towels, after cleaning it thoroughly. I stuffed in the desk drawer of the desk Tiffany uses in the newsroom. If discovered, it will show traces of blood, but not MY fingerprints! I was wearing gloves and was careful to wipe the knife down clean.

I did make the mistake of leaving Webb’s pager on my dresser. I forgot to take it with me when I left to kill Porter. When I got back, it was gone. I was so afraid Ryan had discovered it. Somehow, it ended up on the floor. I had asked Ryan if he had seen it on top of the dresser, making up this story about finding it next to his car. I suggested he might have lost it, knowing full well he doesn’t own one. It was then I found it on the floor and suggested I would take it to lost and found later.

Ryan offered to do it. I would have protested, but that would have looked suspicious. I let him take the pager away, knowing lost and found would file it away with all their other junk. Perhaps I could claim it as my own later on. I am going to use that pager to set Tiffany up. I hope I don’t have to come up with something else. This set up thing is harder than the movies make it out to be.

When the news of Porters demise came on the news, I called Alan in the newsroom but got Ryan instead. I told them to turn on the news and watch the latest developments. Ryan would know very well Tiffany was in Owings Mills this morning, right around the same time Porter was killed.

I was going down to the newsroom to listen to what they had to say. I eavesdropped first, hearing about some naked pictures of Tiffany with Webb.

Such opportunity! Ryan had left them in his car. Without further debate, I ran to his car quickly and took one from the pack in his glove box.

I did however make the mistake of locking Ryan’s door behind me, with no time to rectify the matter. Ryan would know something was wrong, as he NEVER locks his doors. He thinks he is being followed.

In a way, he is right.

I showed back up at the newsroom, picture tucked safely in my pocket, playing innocent.

I see other problems on the horizon. Alan and Ryan have made a pact to try and discover the killer on their own. They invited me into their fold, which in a way is good I suppose. At least I will be on top of everything they are doing and will be able to point them in directions which don’t lead to me.

Perhaps they will lead to Tiffany.

They have already discovered the knife in her desk.

This could get difficult.


March 26, 1995

A short note before I retire for bed. Ryan scared me today. He asked me if I believed in ghosts in relation to some story Alan wants him to write for the paper. He was talking about a ghost in Alumni Hall, one that is harassing the people who are working in there. I wonder if that is the spirit of my father, as he was killed outside that building? I will visit there soon, and see this activity for myself.

I ended up telling Ryan my theory on tortured spirits, as I think it pertains to my murdered father. Although, I did not mention that part to Ryan.

Interesting the things that go on here sometimes...

March 27, 1995

Ryan and Alan are really determined to solve this thing. The cops showed up at the college this morning to question Tiffany. Ironically enough, and much to my dismay, Norman Miller is one of the cops investigating the case. This could be a sticky situation later on. In the end, they made their way to me. Last week I had some words with Webb about a bad grade he had given me and the cops wanted to know about it. This made me a little nervous, but I take comfort in knowing they are barking up the wrong tree. Tiffany on the other hand is looking as guilty as hell right now.

I got up early this morning to make flyers of Tiffany’s naked picture. Underneath the picture I arranged the words, "Austin Webb’s lover revealed." No one was really in the library at that particular time, so I was able to print off about 300 or so. This is going to be used a warning so Ryan and Alan will back off. I fear that they will get to close to the truth about me being the murderer before I complete Phase III. Alan had a yearbook with Webb and Porters picture in it. The date my father was killed was listed as their most memorable moment. May 23, 1970.

That was too close. It’s too early for me to be discovered yet.

I sent a flyer and a warning message to Mike Wagner, the dork who developed the pictures. I figure it this way. If the set up with Tiffany falls through, Mike was the only other person seen with those pictures. It has the potential of making Mike look guilty too. And it is conceivable Tiffany would send that picture of herself as a warning. It would be her attempt to throw the suspicion off her, so either way, it works.

As predicted, Mike took the flyer to the group, wanting to know what in the hell was going on. Mike is now an official member of the crack detective squad based out of the W.M.C. newsroom.

To make matters worse, a city cop named Ron, who doubles as a security guard here at the campus wants in. Information in return for the bust rights when the killer is discovered.

I hate to disappoint him, but I don’t plan on getting caught anytime soon!

I have also made the terrible mistake with the knife I left in Tiffany’s desk. There is a piece of blue tape around the handle that could make my life difficult. Ryan would know in a heartbeat that the knife was from Pizza-To-Go, and that there was no way Tiffany could have it.

I had to steal the knife back when no one was looking. Even if I take the tape off, one could still tell it was there. Ryan isn’t that stupid. I will take the knife back to P.T.G. and stash it in the bottom of the dishwasher. Stewart or somebody will find it eventually.

I don’t know why, maybe its just blind luck, but neither Ryan nor Alan have inspected the knife. They’re afraid to touch it. Alan is paranoid that his prints will get on it and that he could get involved. His plan is to watch the knife and see who messes with it.

What a fool! He can’t be there twenty four hours a day seven days a week.

After I stole the knife back, I left a note saying I was watching and no cops should be brought into the picture. i.e. Ron.

Somebody was spying on us during our meeting with Ron. They think it was the killer, but I know it wasn’t. I did see who it was, but I opted not to tell the group. It was that punk Gerald Lance from my Soc. class.

What in the hell he was doing spying on us in the middle of the night was beyond me. This could be another unseen problem. I will have to keep an eye on him too.

It has become apparent that the group is not going to back off as they have enlisted Ron to help. Later tonight, I will circulate the flyers while Ryan sleeps. He shouldn’t wake up, but if he does, I will say I went to Donut World for a late night breakfast.

He should buy it if it happens.

I should also try and get that other evidence out of Alan’s safe too. Those pictures and that damn beeper Ryan was supposed to take to lost and found. Somehow, Ryan had figured out that the beeper used to belong to Tiffany during her tryst with Webb. He still thinks I found it by his car though, so that will keep me at a distance for a while. His thinking is that Tiffany might have dropped it while walking by his car.

It is time to prepare for the distribution of Tiffany’s flyers. I’m thinking I will trash the newsroom to, to make it look like a break in.

This should look believable.


March 28, 1995

Alexander West’s day to die is tomorrow. He will drown in a can of paint. And if I can pull it off, I’m going to kidnap Tiffany as a warning. Although I have this gut feeling it won’t work. Ryan has stashed her at some secret hiding place that I have not heard of before. She is supposed to meet him tomorrow for the reading of Webb’s will. She may be vulnerable then.

The newsroom is trashed, but I didn’t get the evidence back. Alan’s safe is just to strong. The crowbar didn’t work.

However, now the thinking for suspects has shifted to Stewart. Apparently, he has a nasty cut on his hand Ryan thinks he got from breaking into the newsroom. Plus, the knife has ‘mysteriously’ returned. Ryan is convinced Stewart is involved, and for the most part, he is right.

I left another one of those cards in the newsroom that said back off or I hit closer to home. i.e. Tiffany’s kidnap. As I have no where to keep her really, and I don’t want to kill her, I will leave her with West’s body for the authorities to find.

Fortunately for me, Alan and Ryan have already created my alibi for tomorrow. They want me to research events around Westminster for the week of May 23, 1970 at the library. All the time I will be at Carroll Community in disguise, killing West. Then I can say I didn’t find anything, or maybe tell them about the Vietnam protest that was going on the same night my dad was killed.

Ryan and Alan are so sure they’re going to catch me.

They will fail.


March 29, 1995

The Tiffany kidnapping worked. I didn’t think it would. I waited in my rental car behind the courthouse in complete disguise. This included a pale makeup to make me look completely white, and a wig of longer blonde hair. I looked at myself in the mirror, and I don’t recognize me at all.

Again, I was really surprised to see Tiffany walk out of the courthouse by herself. In a matter of a minute, I had her bound and gagged and in my rented car before she knew what hit her. She was also blindfolded, as not to see me, just in case.

I stashed her in the art supply room at Carroll Community. (Which I scoped out earlier today) I filled one of the sinks in the supple room up with paint, as that is where West will drown. I also found a brick outside to hit him with when he struggles. I called West and told him there were problems in the art supply room and needed to get down there as soon as possible.

Then I called Tiffany’s beeper, knowing Ryan had it and left the address of the college. 1601-32.

That ought to get him thinking. And not to long after that, I was paged on my own pager. They were trying to get a hold of me. I called them after I killed West.

He died with a struggle. I had to knock him out, brand him, then drown him.

It was quite funny to see a man hanging out of a sink full of paint.

Sloppy too. Fortunately, I had brought a change of clothes with me.

In the end, Ryan and Alan think they are getting closer, as do the cops Miller and Perri. How nice one of my victims is going to be investigating the case.

I showed back up at W.M.C. in time to be whisked right back to Carroll Community, minus the make up this time. They had put Van Gogh and West together to make ‘Go West’. Ryan rescued his precious Tiffany and stashed her at her parents house

When I was asked about the date May 23, 1970 and what I found out about it at the library, I told them ‘Nothing’. With the exception of the Vietnam protest.

They think its a clue. It isn’t really.

They’re not going to back off. It’s time to get serious.

I said next time I would rape Tiffany, now I have too.

Ryan has fallen asleep now, and as far as I can gather, Tiffany is home alone. I have already prepared and sent the package for Maria, and it should be at her office by Monday. She opens it and BOOM!!!! "Take a letter Maria."

In regards to Tiffany, it is best to strike now, before anybody really expects it. I am stuffing my bed in case Ryan wakes up for some reason. If he sees that it is not me and asks why, I will make something up, although I am not sure what.

I look forward to raping Tiffany. I have wanted to fuck her for the longest time.


March 30,1995

Tiffany is dead.

Is was a complete accident, I never meant for Tiffany to die.

She caught a stray bullet that was meant to wound Ryan.

The plan was a complete failure. In the process of raping Tiffany, Ryan showed up. Fortunately, I was in disguise, completely masked.

I feel Ryan might know something now, and I have to do something drastic to throw him off of me, if it is me he suspects. I don’t want to do this, but I have to cut the brakes lines on my own car and crash into something, and make it look like the ‘killer’ is taking a shot at me too.

A am already cut and bruised, and my ankles is hurt. Ryan pushed both him and me out a two story window trying to catch his ‘killer’. The car accident will cover up those wounds nicely.

I must do this now, as I have just escaped from Tiffany’s house. Ryan has knocked himself unconscious. It is just a matter of time before all hell is breaking loose around here. I managed to get back into Tiffany’s parents house after Ryan lost consciousness to finish what I had started, only I found Tiffany dead, shot in the neck. I un-gagged and untied her, and then planted the gun back in Ryan’s hand. This should make him look suspicious, and maybe even guilty of Webb’s murder.

This whole set up thing is getting harder than I thought it would be.

On another note, I lost the gun I had purchased after the fall out of the window. I think Ryan has it, as he was firing it into blank air before he passed out. That gun is registered under my fathers name, and could get me in big trouble if the police put it together.

If this works, I will be out of the loop for a while.


April 1, 1995

Ryan is still in the hospital in a kind of mild coma from a bump he took the head from falling out the window. The doctors think he will be fine, and that his body is just repairing itself. He was more hurt than I was.

The group has bought my car sabotage story, only, now I am without a car, and I will have to ditch the rental car soon. It is still setting up at the Westminster Elementary school. I will have to move it soon, or people there will get suspicious.

Alan is generous enough to let me use his car from time to time, which is how I was able to get my computer back. This is also how I will get to Jeffrey’s house to poison his food. Jeffery is on a business trip of some kind, according to conversations with Ryan in the past. He won’t be back till next week. I just want to be in and out of that house with mission accomplished before anyone notices. With Ryan in his ‘coma’, this will be easy.

The killings are coming way faster than I expected them to. I also did not plan on Ryan and Alan and company to be pursuing this thing like they are. But, as I am a part of it, I should be able to keep them at bay for awhile.

In all reality, I really don’t want Ryan to die. I really do like him, and will hate to lose him as a friend when all of this is over. For when it is, I must go, far away, never to be seen in Westminster or Maryland ever again.

I am starting to worry however about Miller. He is much to close to this case. Closer than I expected he would be and getting close enough to him to kill him is going to be hard. I may have to resort to a bomb.

Also, I have made a big decision. I am going to have to kidnap myself, and make it look like the ‘killer’ did it. To pull this off is going to be risky and calculated, and I am going to have to hide in the warehouse in disguise twenty four hours a day until I go to Ohio to kill Oscar Quincy.

But for now, I will help Alan with his clues. I want to steer him towards scarecrow without actually handing it to him on a silver platter and revealing myself in the process, beside, once I am out of the picture, who cares, right?


April 3, 1995

Ryan is awake, and will be fine I am happy to report. Although he is way shook up over Tiffany’s demise, as we all are. I swear, I never wanted Tiffany dead, and I wish there was a way I could convey this to Ryan, so it would ease his pain.

Maria is dead too, and there is another glitch. The bomb I sent her was too powerful. It hurt a bunch of other people, which I did not want. Fortunately, Maria was the only one killed.

Ryan is being released tomorrow. That is the day I will be ‘kidnapped’. Alan made sure Ryan’s car was returned to the college, so I will steal it to get away with, then trash out dorm to make it look like a break and enter.

Then I will leave a piece of a photo. A photo that will complete a picture of my parents together in their youth. By the time the murders are over, the picture will be complete, my father avenged, and me, gone...

April 4, 1995

Just a quick note on my update. The kidnapping facade was a success. I managed to get away unseen after Tiffany’s funeral which I attended as myself. Stewart and Linda showed up and Ryan lost it. He went to the police station with Alan, while Mike drove me back and did his own thing. I was alone, and ready to go.

So many things are happening now. Just as I was getting read to leave the dorm room and go into hiding, Alan called and left a message on the machine. Apparently Ryan’s dad did not die. Alan rescued him at the last minute and had him taken to the hospital. He did not mention if he had found the card or photo piece. I left them in the mailbox. Before I go into hiding, I will check and see if they were found. if they were not, I have to take them back, as Jeffery is not dead.

Ultimately, I will have to sneak into the hospital to finish the job. I am going to assume Jeffery will be under heavy guard, so I must plan carefully.

I called Ryan pretending to be under duress with a cell phone I picked up earlier, also registered under John Myers. Only nobodies knows of it but me.

I have led Ryan and the cops to believe I was tortured and probably shot. Now I am in disguise

I must use extreme caution, especially where Ryan’s car is concerned. I have parked it inside the warehouse. I don’t mind saying this disguise is so good, I don’t even recognize myself. The long blonde hair, the make up to make me look completely white, the false teeth. I can practically move around Westminster unseen now. I will however have to get another form of transportation. I am thinking a motorcycle.

When I go to Ohio, I will take the bus from Owings Mills and leave Ryan’s car there till it is found, and get the new wheels in Ohio, where I should not have a problem getting around.

This is all happening so fast, and I am nervous, God help me.


April 5, 1995

Jeffrey is dead. It was close, but he is dead. I snuck into the hospital as on orderly, borrowing clothes I found in the laundry room of the hospital. That place has such lousy security.

The highlight of the evening was when I ran into Ryan in the hallway. He said I looked familiar and wanted to know who I was. I changed my voice and told him I was Jake. After that, I hurried off. Distracting the guard by Jeffrey’s room was easy with Ryan out of the way. I called as Perri and said I needed to talk with him.

I went into the room and cut the line from the IV bag to the pump. An air bubble in the heart would cause instant death. And that is what happened.

I left my marks and hurried away.

I am now on my way to Ohio. If things do not go well, this could be my last entry here.

I will leave this disk to be found after I am gone, if that’s what happens. I want you all to know why and how.

None of you were stupid. I was just good.

To good to be caught.

My father had to be avenged you see. That is my purpose on this Earth. This is why God let my mom be pregnant with me so young.

But I think I will make it, I’ve made it this far haven’t I?


April 6, 1995

I have just returned from Ohio with my new motorcycle. Actually, it’s used. Just a quick note as I am very tired.

Oscar’s death was a success. And I still walk free.



I slept and went to get my mail from the post office. I didn’t let myself sleep too long. Just long enough to be rested.

Norman Miller was waiting for me at the post office. Clever man, he tracked me down. He is now dead, even though I was not ready for him. I killed him with a gun I stole from Oscar up in Ohio. Fortunately, I keep my ‘clue cards’ as Ryan calls them, on me, so I was able to leave my calling card, no pun intended.

But Miller was early, and that throws things off. I will have to reappear like I escaped from the killer. I forgot to mention earlier that when I confronted Oscar, there was a fight. I let him have a few good hits at me, despite the pain. I need to look beat up, so it would imply to the others that the killer was torturing me. I now have a black eye, a swollen lip and a few bruises to show for it.

When I reappear, I will have to give the location of this warehouse as the ‘killers’ hideout. I have already made the necessary bomb I need to finish off Adam, in case Plan A doesn’t work. He will go out with a bang.

I am leaving this disk here at the warehouse, heavily encoded, so it can not be broken for a good long while. This will give the police something to play with while I finish up. After I leave and am out of town, I will send Ryan the code to break the program, and then he can read all he wants. I am making arrangements to leave the country, and that is all I will say.

Tomorrow, I will go after Nora, and Stewart? Who knows at this point. This concerns me. I can’t find him. Either way, I will make sure he dies, even if I have to leave a bomb at his house, which will trigger when the door is opened.

This is the last entry. I am returning to the college to finish this once and for all.

God rest your soul daddy.

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