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The phone was ringing.

Ryan jerked himself awake again. It was pitch dark. He looked over at Jarrod's bed as the phone rang again. "Jarrod, get the phone." Ryan grumbled. He didn't move. "Fucker." Ryan muttered and reached across the room for the phone. "Hello?" He asked groggily.

"Ryan?" Tiffany asked. "Did I wake you up?"

"Yeah, it's okay, don't worry about it." He said. "What's up."

"I just woke up too and my parents aren't home yet." She said. "It's kind of scary being here by myself."

"What time is it?"

"It's a little past one." Tiffany replied.

"Jesus." Ryan swore. "I feel like I've only been asleep five minutes. Do you need me to come over."

"Would you? At least until my parents get back." she asked. "I really am frightened. This house is so quiet and in the middle of no where."

"Yeah, I'm on my way." Ryan said. "Relax Tiff. I'll be there in about ten minutes, probably less. Take a shower or something to pass the time."

"Is that a suggestion Mr. Thomas?" Tiffany asked a bit seductively.

"I plea the 5th. I'll be there soon."

"Bye." She said and hung up.

Ryan looked over at a sleeping Jarrod. He had buried his head underneath the pillow again. "Thanks a lot asshole." Ryan spat. Jarrod did not reply. Apparently Ryan was not the only one exhausted by yesterdays activities. He decided not to disturb him as Ryan reached for his keys still in his pocket. He had slept just as he had been dressed the day before. Quietly, Ryan left the dorm.

There was practically no traffic in Westminster this time of night. Ryan had a smooth trip through town. Tiffany's parents lived off Route 27 out of Westminster. The house itself was on top of a hill, with a long driveway that extended down to Route 27. Ryan flew down Route 27 and started to slow up when he approached Tiffany's house. He passed a broken down car on the opposite side of the road about 300 feet from Tiffany's driveway. Ryan pulled his car into Tiffany's drive, then stopped to look at the car broken down a piece away. It was hard to see in the darkness, even with a quarter moon hanging in the sky. Ryan pulled back out onto the road and drove to the car. It was fairly new. A Honda of some kind. Ryan looked at the license plate, which had a rental car sticker above it. The plate read, IBC4 99.

Out of the blue Ryan remembered something Tiffany had said to Miller and Perri about the sound of the car used in her abduction. "It did sound a little bit like my car. That's a Honda."

This was definitely not Tiffany's car. But it was a Honda. "Shit!" Ryan snapped starting to panic. He drove his car in a 180 right in the middle of Route 27 and pulled into Tiffany's driveway like a bat out of hell. Ryan saw a shadow pass over a window on the side of the house as he got out of his car. "TIFFANY!" He screamed reaching for the doorknob on the front door. It was locked. Ryan banged on the door, but there was no response. He took a step back and kicked the door in. It flew open as bits and pieces of the wood holding the lock in place went flying into the house. Ryan ran in and searched out Tiffany's room almost immediately. The door was closed and it was obvious more than one person was in there. Ryan didn't even bother to call out Tiffany's name before he kicked that door in too.

Tiffany was lying on her bed, taped up pretty much the way she had been found in the art supply room back at Carroll Community. Only this time her pants and underwear were off and she was lying spread eagle. Her eyes pleaded for help. Tiffany was in the process of being raped, just as the killer said he was going to do if they had not backed off.

In the corner of the room was a person concealed completely in black clothing. He was wearing a black gloves and a ski mask with the mouth and nose sewn shut. Beneath the mask, this person was wearing black sunglasses to conceal the eyes.

Was this the killer?

In an instant, Ryan was studying this individual for a sign of identity. There was no way of physically seeing this person, not even to determine sex. Ryan assumed it was a male. This person had no breasts, nor did they have a figure of a woman. However, if Tiffany was being raped, chances are this was a man.

The man was pointing a gun at Ryan. The scene in the room had frozen. Tiffany was trying to whine from underneath her duct tape gag. The man pointed the gun back to her, and then back to Ryan. The face of this person was looking at Ryan, cocking his head as if in curiosity. Ryan felt eerie, and scared. Nothing was happening. They were all standing in Tiffany's room, not saying or doing a thing.

"Who are you?" Ryan whispered. The man walked up to Ryan and stuck the barrel of the gun to Ryan's forehead. "Oh shit." Ryan whimpered. Tiffany was trying to scream. Ryan felt his knees start to wobble as if he were going to pass out. He looked into the man's sunglasses seeing the reflection of the light on pupils underneath. There was rage and anger there. "Do it." Ryan whispered. "Just do it!"

The man backed off, walking backwards towards the window. With the gun still pointed at Ryan, the man looked out the window towards the car parked on the side of the road. He was going to jump out the window. It was a two story drop. The man started to open the window with one hand, pushing out the screen. "Hey!" Ryan said. The man looked back at Ryan stiffening the arm with the gun. "Is it you? Are you 'scarecrow'?" The man opened his arms and leaned forward as if to say, 'At your service'. Then he began to climb out the window. Ryan started to approach him in a rush. The killer brought the gun back up and fired blindly. The bullet penetrated Ryan's right shoulder throwing him back. He screamed not feeling any real pain yet, but blood started to flow, heavily.

The killer was halfway out the window, ready to jump. Ryan found the strength to jump back up to his feet. He screamed ferociously as he sprinted towards the killer in the window. The killer looked back over, not having enough time to raise the gun for another shot before Ryan tackled him. They both crashed through the window and fell two stories to the ground below.

Ryan had the wind knocked out of him and was writhing on the ground in the broken glass. He felt blood flowing out of him in several places as he was trying to scream. It only came out in moans. The killer stumbled to his feet and started hobbling towards the car. Ryan attempted to get up for the chase, but fell again, starting to lose consciousness. He saw the gun laying on the ground to the right of him and started to crawl towards it, cutting himself further on the shards of broken glass beneath him. Ryan threw his arm out towards the gun. Grabbing it with one finger, he pulled it towards him. Picking it up, he fired into the darkness towards the direction of the car. Ryan could not see the killer himself as everything was fading to black. "No." He whispered as the world disappeared in a spiraling pool of black.

It would be another ten minutes until Tiffany's parents would return home.

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