The Terminator is the ultimate and definitive watchdog for staying connected to America Online. This simple little program sit at the top of your AOL and watches for the "You have been idle" window and the 46 minute nag window that AOL will throw at you to try and knock you offline. The Terminator will not stop these windows, but it will answer them for you in case you happen to be away from your computer during a long download, or if you are playing a game that requires your full attention.  Another first from TPA Software!

Terminator is shareware.  You may evaluate the program free for up to 15 days before registration is necessary.  After 15 days, a registration number is required to operate the program past the startup screen.  For more information on pricing and how to register, please visit the Pricing and Registration Information area.

Frequently Asked Questions about Terminator

Is Terminator compatible with AOL 9.5, Windows Vista or Windows 7?

No, not at this time.  A future version of Terminator to offer compatibility with AOL 9.0 and newer versions of the Windows operating system is in the works.  Check with the Beta Central area of our website from time to time for an announcement regarding a new version of Terminator.

Will the new version of Terminator be a free upgrade?

Unfortunately, no.  The program is currently undergoing a major rewrite involving hundreds of hours of recoding and work.  In order to offer new programs of this caliber, such work cannot be given away for free.