Primary Features & Screenshots

Anti-logoff Prevention
Terminator was primarily designed to automatically answer the "You have been idle" window and the 46 minute window and will do so continuously allowing you to remain connected as long as you like.  This gives you the true "unlimited service" AOL advertises!

SmartKill is designed to let you pick which windows you would like Terminator to automatically close for you. This would be useful for all the new popup windows AOL presents from time to time. The best part is you can add and remove windows for Terminator to close as the need arises. The process is simple. Terminator offers a tool in which you drag and drop a “crosshairs” icon the window locator over the window you would like to have closed automatically, and the window is added to the SmartKill queue. That’s it. That’s all you have to do!

Online Alarm
Spending too much time online?  Terminator's Alarm feature may help remind you when you have been on too many hours.  Set the alarm to signal you at any given time you specify.  You will receive a visual notification plus an audio notification.  Choose one of four system sounds or specify your own wav file!

EMail Signatures
A highly sought after feature!  AOL's new message boards include an option to auto-post a customizable "signature".  This feature was not included in E-Mail...but this can change!  Terminator: T-32 allows you to create multiple E-Mail signatures in AOL's rich text format and save them.  When you compose or respond to mail, a small "signature toolbar" will pop-up.   When you have finished composing your mail, click the signature button and your E-Mail signature will be added automatically!

Application AutoLaunch
This is useful in case you have multiple Add-Ons you would like to launch with Terminator and AOL.  Many Buddy Plus users have requested this, and now we have it!  Of course, you can launch *any* program you would like with this feature!  You have the option to have the program(s) auto-launch with Terminator when it starts, or start them later via Terminator's launch menu!

Kill the AOL Hourglass
A classic but still useful tool.  Unlock the hourglass that can freeze up your AOL window when AOL is taking too long to respond!

IM Dismiss
Tired of getting bombed with unwanted IMs?   Yet you don't want to have to actually turn them off to talk to other people?   This feature is for you!  Terminator can dismiss those unwanted IM's while keeping those you want.  All you have to do is specify the screen name(s) in the IM Exceptions List.

Buddy Chat Dismiss
Terminator can also automatically dismiss those pesky Buddy Chat invites that advertise some porn or another while surfing the chat rooms.   Should you have people you would like to receive Invites from, you can specify their screen name in an "Exceptions List" to allow those while dismissing others.

Live Update Notification
We do update our software often.  With Terminator's Live Update Notification technology, you can be notified of these updates with one click!  To further facilitate this function, Terminator will now download and install the update for you.  The entire process is seamless!

The list above gives you an idea of Terminator's PRIMARY features! You'll just have to explore this feature packed product to fully appreciate it!