WavMan for AOL

TPA Software's Golden Master Add On for America Online. Introduced back in 1995, WavMan is the first and *original* stand alone wav manager for use in the AOL Chat Rooms!

WavMan for AOL is the definitive wav manager for organizing and managing your wav files. No chat room waver should be without this utility. WavMan provides a wide array of tools and utilities for wav file management in the AOL chat rooms. Its packed with dozens of fun and useful features to enhance the "waving" experience.

WavMan is shareware.  You may evaluate the program free for up to 30 days before registration is necessary.  After 30 days, a registration number is required to operate the program past the startup screen.  For more information on pricing and how to register, please visit the Pricing and Registration Information area.

Frequently Asked Questions about WavMan

I recently purchased a new computer with (or upgraded to) Windows Vista/7 and WavMan no longer loads/works.  Is it compatible with Windows Vista?

Yes and no.  In order to use WavMan with Windows Vista or Windows 7, you will need to download and install WavMan Professional.  All previous version of WavMan will not work under Windows Vista.

I just upgraded to AOL 9.1 or higher and WavMan is telling me it's not compatible.  Is WavMan compatible with AOL 9.1 or higher?

Again, yes and no.  In order to use WavMan with AOL 9.1, you will need to download and install WavMan Professional.  All previous versions of WavMan are not compatible with AOL 9.1

I already registered WavMan 11.x (or an even earlier version).  Is WavMan Professional a free upgrade?

Sorry, it is not.  WavMan Professional is simply not a major upgrade of WavMan 11 in it's current form.  Instead it was rewritten from the ground up with a new interface, new features and new code designed specifically to work with Windows Vista.  It is in fact a brand new program with the WavMan name.  Into this went a considerable amount of time and resources.  The only way we could continue to offer you free updates within the same major version, support and any new efforts in general is to ask for your continued support into this new version of WavMan.

What is the difference between WavMan 11.x and WavMan Pro?

Age and features basically.  WavMan 11 is considered "feature complete".  No new features will be added to this program and we will not be actively working on it.  In the event that bugs need to be fixed or if AOL makes changes that require some recoding, we will update WavMan 11 as needed to keep it working at peak proficiency.  For all the new features you might have seen in the chat rooms recently, you will need to download and install WavMan Professional.