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August 10, 2015


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System & Software Requirements

  Minimum System Requirements

  Software Requirements

Pentium Class 1.0 Ghz, 1.0 GB RAM

Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7

AOL Software Requirements

  AOL Software Requirements

AOL 9.5 for Windows: AOL US US
AOL 9.1 for Windows: AOL US US
AOL 9.0 for Windows: AOL US US including SE, Security Edition and VR

  What is Beta testing?

Welcome to the WavMan Professional 1.x Beta Test. 
When a new program or a new version of a program is developed, it needs testing prior to release to ensure that the software is as reliable as possible in as many different circumstances as possible. Generally speaking, Beta files are "not quite ready for prime time." They are stable and have been pre-tested by our staff, but they will definitely have some defects or "bugs." This is to be expected. Beta testers help us find the bugs in the software so that we can rewrite the computer code to eliminate them. Testers can also make suggestions about the new program or new features and let us know if they experience any confusion. Testing helps us make the software the best it can be.

  New features in WavMan Professional 1.x



Brand New Interface
Since for all intents and purposes WavMan was rewritten from the ground up for Windows Vista compatibility, it was time for a new look!  The WavMan toolbar has been replaced with a toolbar that is now part of the AOL window itself, giving you quick and easy access to all of WavMan's features, and the Fade Control Panel.  Every interface in WavMan has been updated with a new look while keeping the core functionality similar to that of previous versions of WavMan.


Wav List Enhancements
The Wav List was redesigned and in the process we included the ability to list sub directories in the Wav List window.  For those serious sound collectors, you can now list subdirectories of sound files in the Wav List and access them at the click of a mouse.  This enables you to have sub categories of sounds within one category!


Address Book
This has probably been the one most single requested feature over the last several years.  The new Address Book integrates itself with the entire program for use with E-Mail and chat features all easily accessed with additional buttons added to the AOL E-Mail windows.  Create groups of addresses or select individual addresses at the click of a button.


Redesigned Descriptions Editor
Instead of using a database to store descriptions for your wav and MP3 files, WavMan now saves the data directly to the file itself.  WavMan 11.x has been doing this behind the scenes for years now in anticipation of the new if it has been doing it's job properly, your descriptions should still be intact!  ID3v2 support has also been added for you hardcore music collectors.


Redesigned "Wav List" window
Since WavMan supports more than just wav files now, we should consider calling this feature something else.  :-)
The image above should speak for itself.


Simplified File Sharing
In the past sharing several wav and music files took time as WavMan attached each file individually to an E-Mail.  This has been updated so that now several files can be shared with one attachment.


Hug Style Enhancements
Another popular request!  In the past one would have to change Hug Styles through several clicks.  Now WavMan lists *all* your Hug Styles in the right-click chat menu while still giving you the option of a default hug style at the same time.  The option to choose what action a double-click on the chat room list is also available, ranging from sending Hug Styles to a window of several options to choose from.  In a future release, you will be able to assign individual Hug Styles to each friend.


Chat Phrases
In addition to the Hug Styles available for chats, you can now create your own rich text chat phrases to use in the chat rooms via the same way you use Hug Styles.  You'll also notice that's where we moved the "^5" option to.  ;-)


Log Password Protection Failsafe
For those who have forgotten their password for the Chat/IM Log window, we now offer you the opportunity to recall your password via a hint question.


AOL 9.1 and 9.5 Compatibility
As promised, WavMan Professional will support AOL 9.1 and 9.5, the latest software offering from AOL!


- Assign Hug Styles for each chat name
- and a few other goodies we're keeping under wraps!  ;-)

  Known issues and program notes

WavMan Professional 1.x is not a free upgrade from previous versions of WavMan.  As with any software company, occasionally we must ask for upgrade fees in order to continue to operate.  Considering the amount of work that has gone into WavMan Professional 1.x not only in terms of being compatible with a new version of Windows (Vista) and AOL, but also in the new features, we felt it was time to ask for your continued support with what we consider to be our "flagship" program.  We anticipate that there will be no further upgrade costs for WavMan for another few years.  :)


WavMan Professional 1.x will only work with AOL 9.0, AOL 9.1 and AOL 9.5.  It will not work with any other version of AOL.  We needed a "clean slate" so to speak.  Windows Vista, AOL 9.0 VR and backwards compatibility with Windows XP presented several new challenges to overcome in terms of program operability.  The WavMan program was essentially taken apart line and by line and put back together with new code, interfaces and features to support the new Windows Vista operating system.  The entire process took over nine months of research and recoding...and we're not even close to done yet!  The good news is that the new code base for WavMan will make it much easier to support future versions of the AOL software and easier implementations.  it will also ensure that future upgrades for WavMan Professional remain free for the foreseeable future.


Windows 98 and ME are no longer supported.  Since Microsoft (and to some degree AOL) have stopped supporting versions of Windows below Windows 2000 we decided to remove compatibility for those old versions of Windows so that new features specific to the newer versions of Windows could be implemented.


The Help system has not yet been implemented.  Windows Vista will not run or display the WavMan help file in it's current form.  The entire file needs to be rewritten from the ground up in a new format which I have not yet learned.  The help file will not be in place till a later time, so you'll have to "fake" you're way through some of the new features in the meantime.  Not to worry, in traditional WavMan style, they are very user friendly.


Outdated and redundant WavMan features have been removed. For example, the "clock" feature has been removed as this was a left over from the 16 bit Windows 3.x version of WavMan.  Other functionality which duplicates current AOL functionality has also been removed (example" Enter to send IMs).  This may continue as new features are added.  If there are WavMan features you don't use, let us know as well so we can make room for newer goodies!

  Downloading & Bug Reporting

PLEASE do not send bug reports directly to us via eMail (even if an error box tells you to do so.)  It will not contain enough information for us to investigate any given issue.  Instead, please read and follow the directions on the Beta Bug Report Page.  Doing so will help us out tremendously!

  Version History

Instructions on how to use the Moderator's Tools feature can be found here:

Instructions on how to use the WavBeg feature can be found here:

Version 1.0.36 (Beta)

  • Fixed - "File Not Found" error (53) when opening the AutoAnswer control panel with an empty Exception List.

  • Fixed - "Object variable or With block variable not set" error (91) when using the Wav List "Send To" when only one file was listed.

  • Fixed - "Path not found" error (76) when attempting to bust into a chat room from the Room Manager Favorite list.

Version 1.0.35 (Beta)

  • Added - Loading support for Windows 7.

  • Added - Updated runtime files for Windows 7.

  • Improved - File I/O improved for Windows 7.

  • Fixed - Updated SysInfo to recognize Windows 7 and recognize the proper location of the error log.

  • Fixed - Suppressed "Cannot open clipboard" errors when the clipboard has been hijacked by another program.

  • Fixed - WavMan would read AOL as offline and unregistered after accessing System Information.

  • Fixed - "Check for Update at Startup" not displaying results if an update was available.

Version 1.0.33 (Beta)

  • NEW - Chat Room Moderator Tools

  • Fixed - All applicable list view controls now use proper sorting a-z vs. z-a

  • Fixed - Proper arrow icons are now displayed in column headers when sorting.

  • Added - Hyperlink option on right-click menu in Styles editor.

  • Removed - QuickFind. Apparently that features has not been working for the longest time and no one has reported it. This suggests it's not a widely used feature.

Version 1.0.32 (Release Candidate)

  • Fixed - It was reported that typing into a chat room opened an advertisement. I could not reproduce this, but undid a previous bug in an attempt to fix it. So, we'll see.

Version 1.0.31 (Release Candidate)

  • Fixed - The Error 91 when accessing the Wav List menu (or right-clicking over the wav list). The trade off is the icons for the Send To menu no longer appear. While I was never able to reproduce this issue, that appears to be the cause of the problem.

  • Fixed - "Hide Descriptions" was not actually hiding descriptions when hovering the mouse over the wav list.

  • Fixed - Cannot rename files while they are playing. This would lead to a "The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process" error.

  • Fixed - Setting IM/Chat log password for the first time would not set.

  • Fixed - IM wavs would loop if the sender has a nickname assigned via the AOL Buddy List.

  • Fixed - IM AutoAnswer (does anyone still use this feature? Apparently not) was not operting due to change in AOL IM title bar text.

  • Fixed - Buddy Notes for IM feature were not saving to the Address Book and consequently not being shown.

  • Added - Minimize Button to Wav List which will activate the "flip bar". Close button will now just close the Wav List.

  • Modified - The back end code for the IM Manager. The feature should be more smooth looking.

Version 1.0.29

  • Fixed - Right clicking over an empty wav list would produce runtime error #91.

  • Fixed - Various errors with WavBeg when set to open with a chat room.

  • Tested - Compatibility with Windows Vista SP2. Nothing found so far.

Version 1.0.28

  • Fixed - In some install scenarios for new users, the default settings for WavMan would not install properly (fades, hugs, etc). This should finally be resolved. WavMan should also automatically detect this and fix it.

  • Added - Extended error handling information to the WavBeg feature to flush out those last few bugs. If you are experiencing problems with WavBeg, please report them.

Version 1.0.27

  • Fixed - Attempting to rename a sound file while it was still in use would cause an error.

  • Fixed - Attempting to rename a sound file to it's same name (why would anyone do this??) would cause an error.

  • Fixed - Having the fader RND feature on and randomizing different fade schemes at start up would cause WavMan to appear unregistered and would not accept the correct registration number.

  • Fixed - The Send To feature was not sending file information to file list categories.

  • Fixed - WavBeg tweaks.

Version 1.0.26

  • Added - '-reset' command line to restore default data due to bug in .23 version of WavMan Pro.

  • Fixed - WavMan was not properly reading registration info on some machines.

Version 1.0.24

  • Fixed - Installer was not properly registering the TPABTNX2.OCX file, which would in turn produce a start up error.

  • Fixed - Random Runtime #91 (Object variable or With block variable not set) when importing fades from previous versions of WavMan.

  • Fixed - Settings from WavMan 11 were not transfering to WavMan Pro.

Version 1.0.23

  • Added - WavBeg will check the chat room for the original file player before WavBegging through chat.

Version 1.0.22

  • Added - Sound files can be added to the wav list via drag and drop.

  • Added - Enhanced "Send To" options on the wav list context menu.

  • Added - WavBeg fulfillment emails include "Email a wav" enhancements.

  • Fixed - Various issues regarding AOL 9.5 compatibility.

  • Improved - WavList Print to File now saves list as HTM file in My Documents.

  • Improved - WavList Print to Printer now prints as HTML file.

Version 1.0.21

  • Added - Compatibility for AOL 9.5

  • Fixed - Wavs in IM would kick back a runtime error.

  • Added - "Eject Member" now appears in the chat list context menu if you have "the bolt".

  • Fixed - Various WavBeg fixes.

  • Fixed/Pending - Email a wav/fade would hang up at the attach step due to the advertiment in the "Write Mail" window loading slowly. This still may be an issue, so please report any problem you may have with this feature.

  • Improved - Auto update feature is now installer based and will only download and install newer components.

  • Added - Visual alert option for HotWords.

Version 1.0.18

  • Fixed - Wav or other sound files 3 letters or shorter would cause an error.

  • Fixed - Only wav files would play.

  • Fixed - WavBeg opening with chat room would not do so.

  • Fixed - AOL showing an error exiting WavMan in some cases.

Version 1.0.17

  • Added: Hide Toolbar

  • Added: WavLog\WavBeg

Version 1.0.11

  • Fixed - Registration numbers were being returned "Invalid" when the Fader Randomizing feature was active.
  • Fixed - Startup would freeze at "Loading IM Manager" on Windows XP due to problems with the new runtime files that fixed issues with Vista.
  • Fixed - Theme Aware code that would cause WavMan's interface to appear black with some rogue versions of AOL 9.0.

Version 1.0.10

  • Fixed - Incompatibilities with Windows Vista SP1.
  • Removed - VC++ 2005 sub-installer from the WavMan installer.  It is no longer required.

Version 1.0.8

  • Fixed - Error #75 - "Path/File access error" during startup if IM/Chat logging with password protection enabled and the current's date folder was missing.

Version 1.0.7

  • Fixed - The ordering system would attempt to force a logon to AOL, thus potentially locking everything up.  This was due to a simple spelling error in the code.  Go figure.
  • Fixed - Error #91 - "Object variable or With block variable not set" when closing WavMan before it was fully loaded.
  • Fixed - WavMan would not properly read registration information at startup if it was launching AOL.  Nor would the proper registration number work when entered under the same circumstances.

Version 1.0.6

  • Updated - Runtime files were updated for Vista compatibility.
  • Added - AOL 9.1 compatibility added (and is ongoing).
  • Fixed - Error reporting system should no longer display errors.

Version 1.0.5

  • Updated - Runtime files for additional Vista compatibility.
  • Added - Support for AOL 9.1 US
  • Fixed - The error reporting system was not functioning properly and would not start without producing an error.

Version 1.0.4

  • Fixed - IM/Chat logs folder were grayed out and inaccessible.
  • Fixed - Some preferences were not holding their settings.
  • Updated - Runtime files for added Windows Vista compatibility.
  • Fixed - Error #9 - "Subscript out of range" when accessing the wav list with Help Tips turned off.
  • Fixed - Registration numbers longer than eight digits would not save properly.

Version 1.0.3

  • Fixed - Error #91 - "Object variable or With block variable not set" and other file missing messages when refreshing the Fade list after downloading new fades.
  • Fixed - Error #13 - "Type Mismatch" when opening wav descriptions window for the first time.
  • Fixed - Error #115 - "Application defined error" when updating the member or public rooms via the Room Manager.

Version 1.0.2

  • Fixed - WavMan Pro installer was not correctly registering runtime files, thus WavMan would not start.

Version 1.0.1

  • Initial beta release.

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