WavMan Professional 1.x

Primary Features & Screenshots

The WavMan Active Toolbar
Since for all intents and purposes WavMan Professional was rewritten from the ground up for Windows Vista compatibility, it was time for a new look!  The WavMan toolbar has been replaced with an Active Toolbar that is now part of the AOL window itself, giving you quick and easy access to all of WavMan's features, and the Fade Control Panel. 

Send your wavs and chat text into the AOL chat room with style and color!  WavMan's Fade features allow you to simply type your text into the chat room where is will "auto-fade"!  With the Fade Control Panel, choose from such styles and Wavy Text, Bold, Italics and Underline!  Save and recall Fade Schemes with a few clicks!   :)

Instead of one solid color, you can fade your chat text in a gradient style between up to *ten* different colors! :)

You can also apply fades to E-Mails as well.

Fade Tag allows you to save your fade schemes with identifying remarks and information directly to your fade schemes!  This lets other people who download or trade your schemes know who created the scheme!  Tag information includes scheme title, author name, comments and timestamp.

Every interface in WavMan has been updated with a new look while keeping the core functionality similar to that of previous versions of WavMan.

The Wav List
Stop trying to remember the names of all your wavs!  WavMan's Wav List window alphabetically lists all your WAV, MID and MP3 files in one window!

The Wav List was redesigned for WavMan Professional and in addition to having the luxury to create multiple categories, we included the ability to list sub directories in the Wav List window.  For those serious sound collectors, you can now list subdirectories of sound files in the Wav List and access them at the click of a mouse.  This enables you to have sub categories of sounds within one category!  Since WavMan supports more than just wav files now, we should consider calling this feature something else.  :-)

Preview your sound files by double-clicking them in the Wav List window before sending it into the chat room. 

Once you have selected a file in the Wav List window, click the Send button on the Wav List window to automatically send sounds to the chat room.  Or toggle the the double-click action in the Wav List window to send the text into the chat room. WavMan makes it all truly is all point and click! 

Want to share your sounds with your friends?  WavMan makes it a two step process to E-Mail a Sound by clicking the E-Mail button!  In the past sharing several wav and music files took time as WavMan attached each file individually to an E-Mail.  This has been updated so that now several files can be shared with one attachment.  All you have to do is address the mail to whomever you are sending the sound too!  For those heavy wav traders who deal in wavs rated R or NC-17, the E-Mail a Attachment Message is for you! WavMan will automatically insert this message into an E-Mail, when used in conjunction with the "E-Mail a Wav" feature.

Print Categories and the sounds in them to either an E-Mail, a file to your hard drive or your printer!  Ever get tired of hearing the same sounds and songs over and over again?  Only to discover you have to wait for the wav to end before sending another one into the chat room?  KillWav will stop the playing of the wav in progress!

Another WavMan trademark feature us FancyWavs!  Design "styles" to surround your wav text with and send it into the chat room with flair! An example FancyWav style would be:

°°°°°¤º°¤°•¤º°¤•{S welcome}•¤º°¤•°¤º°¤°°°°°

The FancyWavs concept is a TPA Software original...accept *no* imitations!

Enhanced Email & Address Book
WavMan offers several features for your Write and Read Mail Windows!  Features include E-Mail fading, Encryption/Decryption, E-Mail Quoting and much more!  The Address Book has probably been the one most single requested feature over the last several years.  The new Address Book integrates itself with the entire program for use with E-Mail and chat features all easily accessed with additional buttons added to the AOL E-Mail windows.  Create groups of addresses or select individual addresses at the click of a button.

Redesigned Descriptions Editor
Instead of using a database to store descriptions for your wav and MP3 files, WavMan now saves the data directly to the file itself.  WavMan 11.x has been doing this behind the scenes for years now in anticipation of the new feature...so if it has been doing it's job properly, your descriptions should still be intact!  ID3v2 support has also been added for you hardcore music collectors.   You can also pick which fields will be displayed in your Wav Descriptions window/ToolTip window *and* in your E-Mails when you send wavs with descriptions!

Extended Chat Room Functions
In addition to greeting your friends with a pre-selected Hug Styles available for chats, you can now create your own rich text chat phrases to use in the chat rooms via the same way you use Hug Styles.  You'll also notice that's where we moved the "^5" option as well.  In the past one would have to change Hug Styles through several clicks.  Now WavMan Professional lists *all* your Hug Styles in the right-click chat menu while still giving you the option of a default hug style at the same time.  The option to choose what action a double-click on the chat room list is also available, ranging from sending Hug Styles to a window of several options to choose from.  In a future release, you will be able to assign individual Hug Styles to each friend via the Address Book.  These features, plus several other are accessible by doing a right-click on the "People Here" list in the chat room window!  Other options include, IM, E-Mail, and Profile, Aliasing and more!

And as if this were not enough, all your Chat conversations can be logged!  The WavMan Log Manager allows you log your chats either by date or chat room name.  The Log Manager allows you to easily go back and review any logged chats.

HotWords allow you to designate up to 30 different "trigger" words via the Preferences window, each with its own wav.  When these words are detected in the Chat window, WavMan will play the designated wav file to get your attention.

The Chat Room Manager\RoomBuster sorts, lists and manages your chat rooms.  Grab the new chat rooms names directly from AOL with the click of a button and then bust into your favorite chat room when its full!

Enhanced IM Manager
WavMan will organize all your open Instant Messages into one Enhanced window.  Choose from three different styles of interfaces; Listed View, buttons or Tabs!  Also available is IM logging, wav sounds in IMs, rich text AutoAnswer, and selective ignore!  Optionally, you can assign aliases to your IM Manager tabs/buttons/list instead of just ordinary screen names.

WavMan now officially features two types of alerts for your Instant messages. Visual and Audio alerts.  WavMan can be set up to display Instant Message screen name and message text when AOL is minimized (or not) so you don't miss your messages.  

And as if this were not enough, all your IM conversations can be logged!  The WavMan Log Manager allows you log your IMs either by date or screen name.  The Log Manager allows you to easily go back and review any logged IM.

Password protection is available for the Log Manager to keep your logs away from prying eyes!  For those who have forgotten their password for the Chat/IM Log window, we now offer you the Log Password Protection Failsafe to recall your password via a hint question.

Scan Hard Drive for Sounds
Search Hard Drive for WAV, MIDI and MP3 files.  From there you can transfer individual files or make new Wav Categories based on your search results.

WavMan now has a JukeBox in which you can make your own play lists.  Choose from WAV, MID and MP3 files!  Our Jukebox acts just like a CD player in which you can preview, randomize or repeat your play list tracks.  Other Jukebox features includes a Shrink option and "minimize to tray" option so you can listen to your tunes with no window to get in your way.  And gosh, while we were at it we also threw in one extra Jukebox feature.  It will also double as a CD Player.  And if that was not enough, a fully editable CD database in included to save the CD and track names!

For the registered users of WavMan Professional, you will be able to use your Jukebox without AOL or WavMan running.  :)

Import/Export Wizard
WavMan relies heavily on user customized settings.  Therefore is a user suffers from a hard drive crash and a reload of WavMan is necessary, one can spend hours restoring personalized settings and styles for FancyWavs and Hug Styles.  With the Import\Export Wizard, you can now back up your settings for WavMan onto a floppy diskette or removable drive (zip, tape, etc) in case something happens to your system and a restore is necessary. Importing is also just as easy. Use the backup disk you made with WavMan and open the Import Wizard and your settings will be restored!

Live Update Notification
We do update our software often.  With WavMan's Live Update Notification technology, you can be notified of these updates with one click!  To further facilitate this function, WavMan Professional will now download and install the update for you.  The entire process is seamless!

The list above gives you an idea of WavMan's PRIMARY features! You'll just have to explore this feature packed product to fully appreciate it!  Coming soon: WavLog