WavMan Professional

Important information:

Please read the following paragraphs carefully before continuing:

Welcome to the WavMan web based tech support form.  Please review the following resources before filing a report:

bullet Please check for an upgrade at the WavMan Download Area!
We update our software often.  Because of this, we cannot offer support for any older versions of WavMan.  If you file a report with a version of WavMan that is not one of the versions noted below, you will be asked to upgrade.

The latest version of WavMan is as follows:
WavMan Professional for AOL: 1.1.0

bullet Please check the WavMan Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Section.
A page full of the most commonly asked questions in regards to WavMan.  Here you will find many answers to questions in regards to error messages.

bullet Known Issues with WavMan:
Well, it looks as if AOL has done some more housework which has affected all 9.0 version of AOL and the "Email a Wav" feature.  I am aware of the problem and a fix is in the works and forthcoming.  Please be patient!  Thanks!  :-)


bullet If you have lost your registration number, or your registration number is invalid...
...then please use the Lost/Invalid Registration Number Request Form.  Tech Support does not have access to the registration databases and cannot answer registration type questions or requests.   *All* registration issues need to be directed to the hyperlink indicated above.

In order to provide accurate tech support for WavMan, all of the information below is *required*.  Please, be as specific in all your answers as possible for faster responses!  Incomplete forms in which sections are skipped, left blank or improperly filled out tells us barely anything and are useless to us.  They also will not receive a reply.  We are also not able to respond to requests that are already addressed on the WavMan Frequently Asked Questions page as they are already posted for your convenience.  Please visit there first before using this form.

Required information:

E-Mail Address:
Please enter your full E-Mail address.  If your E-Mail address has spaces in it, please leave them out.  It must appear as one word. - e.g. screenname@aol.com

Please including any error messages. Please give the EXACT error message, including information you get by clicking the Details button on GPF/IPF error windows. You may paste program error messages here if necessary.  DO NOT TYPE "IT DOESN'T WORK".  This is indicative of nothing and will not receive a reply.  If you are unsure of how to describe the problem, please review the How to Report Bugs Effectively article

What EXACT steps were taken to cause the error/problem?
Please list in 1, 2, 3, etc order what you did up until the issue occurred.  Please do not leave this space blank or indicate how many times you may have installed or uninstalled the software as those are steps taken that tells me how to recreate the issue you are reporting.

In the text box below, please cut and paste in your system information using the following instructions:
  1. Click Start in the Windows taskbar.
  2. Select Programs.
  3. Select TPA Software.
  4. Select WavMan Professional
  5. Select TPA System Information Compiler.
  6. When the program opens click Menu and select Copy To Clipboard.

  7. Click Exit.
  8. Finally, place the mouse cursor in the text box below, right-click on your mouse and select Paste.